Is Concrete Better Than Stone?

The ubiquitous versatility of concrete has fueled its popularity amongst homeowners and professionals alike over the past few years. This renaissance of home building materials has shifted the way people view concrete. In the past, concrete was desirable purely from a functional standpoint. More recently, concrete has been recognized as a design element as well. As a result, concrete is not just a reasonable substitute for stone, it may be more desirable as well. 

Stone is undoubtedly a beautiful building block, but it’s not without faults. Stone is often irregular in shape and becomes slippery when wet. By comparison, concrete can be made as uniform or irregular as desired. It can also be textured to provide traction, even when wet. 

The irregularity of stone makes it time consuming to install, which causes a stark rise in labor costs. Add that with the already steep costs of the material itself, and stone can easily cost two or three times that of concrete. Even if concrete is stamped to resemble stone, it will still cost less for that skilled concrete labor than for stone.

Stone can be tricky to maintain, while concrete really could not be easier. If concrete is regularly kept clear of debris and mopped with soap and water it can easily last for decades. Concrete can also be sealed to provide more protection against elements like snow and rain.

Is concrete better than stone? The question is subjective, but there is certainly a strong argument to be had for concrete. A competent concrete contractor can make the final project virtually indistinguishable from stone, at a fraction of the cost. Couple that with concrete’s ease of maintenance and durability and it’s easy to see why more homeowners are turning to concrete. 

Many a DIYer have successfully learned how to install concrete themselves. However, if the desired product is more complicated, like stamped and colored concrete, it’s often worth the extra money to hire a concrete contractor who is skilled in that aesthetic. To learn more visit  


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