What Kind of Technology is Used to Make Ready Mixed Concrete in Arkansas?

The equipment and technology used to make ready mixed concrete in Arkansas makes for a superior product delivered right to your project site.

chemical admixtures used to make ready mix concrete””Despite the versatility, reliability and strength of ready mixed concrete, the technology used to make ready mixed concrete in Arkansas is not overly complicated. While there have been significant improvements in equipment technology and manufacturing processes—all of which Razorback Concrete takes full advantage of—the basics of producing ready mix have remained the same for decades.

The process used to make ready mixed concrete in Arkansas consists of the following essential steps: procure and measure dry raw materials, combine, load into truck, and add water (the last two steps are sometimes reversed). In order to utilize new technology in the production and delivery of ready mix concrete, there are ways this process has been enhanced and improved over the years.

Measurement of Raw Materials

Cement, coarse aggregates, and fine aggregates are measured according to the purpose the concrete will be used for (building foundations, driveways, parking lots, etc.). This process, referred to as batching, was a manual task for many years. An operator would manually control the hopper gates to allow different materials to flow into the main mixing bin or mixer truck. Usually the operator would weigh each material as he went using an analog scale and an experienced eye.

Batching today is done using automated systems. An operator inputs the recipe for the batch and then the automatic batching system weighs the materials and dispenses them into either a transit mix truck or a central mixer. Depending on the size and capacity of the equipment, multiple large batches can be produced at one time. Once this mix is placed into a mixer truck, the truck heads out to deliver the concrete.

Concrete Trucks

The capacity of concrete trucks has expanded considerably. Back in the 1950s, concrete trucks could carry a maximum of approximately 7.5 cubic yards, whereas today’s trucks can carry an average of 10 cubic yards if axled properly for governing roadway weight restrictions. Some trucks can even carry 12 cubic yards, although the weight of one of these trucks when full comes very close to the legal limit for safety on Arkansas roads.

Chemical Admixtures

Although the basic composition of concrete has been around for thousands of years, there have been some major advances in the chemical admixtures that can be used in a batch. It is now possible to drastically affect the properties of the final product using different admixtures. You can change the workability, color, curing time, and porosity of the final concrete product according to a project’s need, the weather, and the site conditions. This makes ready mix concrete even more versatile as a material for building and decorative work.


Ready mixed concrete is a perishable product, and therefore must be delivered to its final destination and used within a certain time frame or you risk the loss of the entire batch.

Modern logistical systems help decrease the risk of this happening by improving the scheduling and delivery of ready mixed concrete. Deliveries are better coordinated from the time when the order is taken to the final delivery. This means the likelihood of you getting your order when you need it at the quality level you want with the properties you need is substantially improved.

Concrete Pumps

It was not very long ago that pouring a large amount of concrete required filling bucket after bucket and transferring those buckets from the concrete truck to the application site. With concrete pumps, the process is made much easier. A pump can keep the concrete flowing until the supply is exhausted, saving valuable time and energy at a construction site.

The technology used to make ready mixed concrete in Arkansas is the best currently available in the concrete industry. As ready mixed concrete providers, at Razorback Concrete we make concrete quality our top priorityRequest a free quote to see how we can utilize our ready mixed concrete product for your project or call 870-455-0700 to speak to a representative.

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