MacArthur Park Streets and Parking Make Use of Pervious Pavement with Help of Razorback Concrete

””Razorback Concrete comes through once again with a beautiful and innovative product. McClelland Consulting Engineers chose pervious concrete produced by Razorback to fulfill a need for a greener type of concrete for MacArthur Park. The engineers are using pervious concrete to enhance the beauty of the park and stick to the environmentally friendly approach to keeping the park green.

Pervious concrete is a type of pavement that allows storm water runoff and rain to percolate through it. This helps to keep the surrounding areas from flooding. The pervious pavement acts as a filter as it traps and removes the pollutants from the run-off. In addition to acting as a filter, pervious pavement is also much cooler than its counterparts. The concrete reflects sunlight rather than absorbing it and turning it into heat.

The low-impact design techniques of pervious pavement can last for decades when installed properly. It is also very strong so it can easily handle vehicles and is not likely to crack or separate. When it is compacted properly, it can resist raveling and provides an excellent amount of strength. The materials used to make the concrete are water, cement and coarse aggregate. A small amount of sand is sometimes used to increase the strength.

Pervious concrete dates back to the 1800s. It was used in Europe in order to save money by decreasing the amount of cement used for pavement. It did not make its way into the United States until the 1970s. Not long after the amazing concoction became an innovative way to reduce pollution!

The MacArthur Park Innovation Team is working to create an environmentally-friendly park for future generations. The park will be a place for commerce, recreation, entertainment and transit as well as living. The reformation of this park has been driven by a passionate commitment to ensure that only the best will be utilized in the final product which is one of the reasons the engineers chose the pervious application.

The pervious pavement is being used on the pedestrian-friendly streets throughout the park. This will help to reduce runoff and keep polluted water from flowing into the pipes and inlets. Once the water is filtered through the pavement, it can supply water to the tree roots in the park. It allows the root systems more air as well which causes the trees to flourish. The reduction of runoff also reduces the need for retention ponds. This allows more availability of groundwater which leads to more effective use of the land.

It is very important to choose an experienced installer for pervious concrete pavement. Experts will begin with a good foundation. Razorback Concrete is a highly qualified ready-mix supplier that has been entrusted for years and has an excellent reputation. We use only the best materials to ensure the highest quality. If you would like more information on the MacArthur Park Streets and Parking project or pervious concrete, contact an expert at Razorback Concrete.

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