Spring Essentials: A Maintenance Checklist for Outdoor Spaces Throughout Arkansas

As temperatures drop, talking about spring maintenance may seem strange, but it’s never too early to keep an eye on outdoor spaces.

Enviromental benefits of pervious concrete””The sooner you begin planning for essential spring activities, the easier it is to make sure you have everything you need to keep your Arkansas property in pristine condition. Few activities require more planning than outdoor space maintenance. The following checklist will help you get a jump on spring maintenance and keep your outdoor property in good condition for the long haul.

Item 1: Check Your Concrete

The first step in spring outdoor maintenance is to look for winter concrete damage. Low temperatures and changes in precipitation can produce cracks in your driveway, walkways, and other concrete surfaces, which gradually expand over time as dirt and moisture get into them. If you shore up these cracks at the beginning of spring, you can quickly get them under control and preserve your concrete structures. But the longer you allow them to persist, the more they will break and the more water will get under them, weakening the foundation underneath. You should thus take this time to familiarize yourself with how to fix damaged concrete, and keep an eye out for it when spring begins.

Item 2: Clean Your Gutters

One of the simplest and most effective maintenance steps, cleaning your gutters will prevent water from building up on your roof and around your house. This improves insulation and reduces mold growth. While you’re up by the gutters, check your roof for any shingles that have become loose or fallen off. If you find any, get them replaced immediately.

Item 3: Wash Your Siding

With the roof and gutters taken care of, your next step is to pressure-wash the siding on your house. This will rinse away both mold spores, which would otherwise have free reign to attack your house, and debris, which can block you from seeing other kinds of problems.

Item 4: Inspect the Exterior

With debris and mold washed away, you should begin examining the exterior of your house for any signs of damage or decay. Pay particular attention to thresholds, door sills, and window sills, as damage here can undermine insulation and let outdoor weather into your home. Inspect the paint as well, and touch up any areas where it is peeling or thinning; paint is necessary to protect your home from weather, mold, and debris.

Item 5: Check the Deck

Once you have removed any threats to the exterior of the home, expand your efforts onto your deck, patio, or porch. Pressure-wash the surface to remove any mold or debris, and then look for loose boards or cracked concrete. Shore these issues up as quickly as possible to limit the extent of the damage.

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