Major Project Announcement: Razorback Concrete to Supply Materials for Big River Steel Mill

The Osceola mill project will improve the Arkansas job market and showcase the quality of Razorback Concrete’s materials.

concrete supplier for big river steel mill””Big River Steel initially announced their plans to build a $1.3 billion steel mill in Osceola, Arkansas, on January 29, 2013. A project of this magnitude requires the full cooperation of local officials and qualified suppliers such as Razorback Concrete, and construction officially broke ground on September 22, 2014. This is a huge win for Arkansas because approximately 2,000 workers will be employed throughout the 20 month construction process, and the steel mill and recycling facility will also need 525 permanent employees.

The Economic Importance of This Project

When Big River Steel made their plans known, they were also making a commitment to the largest single private investment that has ever been developed in Arkansas. In other words, the 1,400 acre site was not reliant on a huge amount of financial assistance at the state or federal level, but Big River Steel did benefit from the state issuing general obligation bonds totaling $125 million. When you consider the fact that the average wage for all full-time permanent employees will be approximately $75,000, it becomes easy to understand why the state was not only willing, but excited, to get involved. This new steel mill is likely to become an economic anchor for the entire area of Northeast Arkansas.

Razorback Concrete’s Role in the Construction Phase

Razorback Concrete has been operational since 1965, and we currently serve Arkansas with 18 concrete plants. Our team has the ability to produce 2,400 cubic yards every hour, and we will put this to good use to ensure that the steel mill project stays on track. Phase One of the steel mill and recycling facility’s construction will require 250,000 cubic yards of concrete, and we are committed to providing only the highest quality materials to this economically important business that has the ability to change the Arkansas economy.

What Sets this Steel Mill Apart from Others?

One of the most exciting aspects of this project, aside from its potential for job creation, is the fact that Big River Steel is developing it as a flex mill. This means that the facility will have the production capabilities of an integrated mill, but it will also benefit from the flexibility and cost savings that are associated with a mini mill. Additionally, Big River Steel is showcasing their commitment to being as environmentally friendly as possible by incorporating a recycling facility.

What Type of Steel Projects Will Take Place in Osceola?

Workers at the Osceola facility will produce a wide variety of steel for various industries, including thick and wide steel that is imperative for tube and pipe applications, electrical steel for energy industries, and lightweight steel that is used in building cars. The finished results will be easily transported due to the mill’s direct access to the BNSF railroad, several nearby highways and a barge on the Mississippi River, which also will make it easy for raw materials to be gathered quickly and efficiently for usage within the mill.

Razorback Concrete is pleased to add Big River Steel to our list of valued clients. If you are currently planning a project of any size that will require concrete, you can obtain a free quote by filling out a short form our website or calling us at 870-455-0700.

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