How to Make Any Kitchen Stand Out with Concrete Countertops

Concrete materials are here to help you jazz up any kitchen space. You can use this versatile material to create countertops that are sure to wow your family and guests alike.

summer concrete damage Arkansas””The stone vs. concrete countertops are sure to end with the reveal of unique concrete designs available today. Concrete has come a long way from its original drab gray composition and primary use as a plain construction material. Today’s concrete mixes can make your kitchen stand out from the rest when used as your main countertop material. You can dream up any number of interesting designs to use with concrete as your material of choice. Here are a few ways to use this awesomely versatile material to make your kitchen dazzle.

Colorful Designs

The porous nature of raw concrete allows for the application of any number of colorful designs. The pigments are added to your poured concrete countertop Arkansas before the concrete receives its final sealcoat, which protects from stains and damage. You may have your concrete countertops covered in a single color to match your kitchen or simply create a design that is close to your heart. Boost the color saturation even further by having the final coat polished to a bright shine.

Gorgeous Inlays

Concrete is so versatile as a building material that it allows for gorgeous inlays to be added to its final design. You can have cut tiles, glass, silverware and even fossils added to the concrete to create a personalized touch you love. The inlays remain protected under the top sealcoat to retain your countertop’s beauty well into the future.

Decorative Edges

Custom edge molds improve the look of your concrete countertops by creating a decorative display on each side of the slab. You can select classic styles or modern designs to accent your countertops and align their look with your existing home décor. The custom rubber molds can be reused throughout your house so that your countertops in the bathroom or mudroom match your kitchen design.

Awesome Fiber Optics

Fiber optics take concrete and elevate it into a futuristic design that is unmatched by any other option on the market today. The fiber optic lights shine through colored glass patches in your concrete countertop to dress up its appearance and create a stunning focal point in your kitchen. The glass can be cut and inlayed in any design and color to fully personalize your kitchen space with ease.

Upgrade Your Kitchen with Personalized Concrete Countertops

There is no doubt about it; concrete countertops have the power to greatly improve the look and feel of your kitchen space. If you would like to beautifully upgrade your kitchen with personalized concrete countertops, contact the team at Razorback Concrete by calling (870) 455-0700. You will receive information about concrete materials and delivery options available in your area.

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