What You Need to Know About Installing a Concrete Patio

Concrete patios are not given the credit they deserve. These are durable, cost-effective, and stylish, offering more design freedom than wood or wood-composite decks. In other words, they can transform your property, making a concrete patio the best decision you have ever made.

If you cannot decide whether or not concrete is right for you, then check out these benefits of why concrete is a great patio option.

The benefits of a concrete patio

Concrete patios have a few serious advantages over their wood or wood-composite counterparts. The concrete option is much more durable. Wood rots and requires a lot of upkeep, such re-staining and sealing, but concrete can endure just about any weather condition and requires minimal upkeep.

Maintaining concrete patios is a breeze. You do not have to worry about termites or splintering wood impairing the strength of your structure, and you do not need to weed in between paving rocks or try to keep any stones from settling unevenly. Once the concrete sets, you are done. This also makes it a great environmentally friendly way to spruce up your backyard. Because you will not have to regularly use wood stains and sealers or buy new lumber for repairs, your concrete patio will save trees.

You can save money.

By building your own concrete patio, you can save a lot of money on labor costs. You will also have the freedom to create the exact space you have in mind. Still, make sure you are prepared for how much work it requires. Consider a guide to creating your own concrete patio for an overview of what this kind of project entails.

Once you get the regulatory details from your city or county planning department and apply for any necessary construction permits, you can begin preparing your yard for the patio. To create an ideal environment for the concrete to set, remove any plants or roots inside the borders of your stakes. Next, you need to dig out the space for your patio. This is where you will pour the concrete, so make sure you remove enough dirt to allow the concrete to fill the space up to slightly above ground level.

Once you build your forms, you are ready to order the concrete. Consider ready-mix concrete that is perfect for do-it-yourself projects just like this. The moment the delivery truck arrives, the concrete will be ready to pour. From here, fill up the hole, strike off the excess cement with a 2×4, and then finish the cement with a trowel or broom. Once the concrete sets, your brand new patio is ready for whatever summer outings you have planned!

You have many design options.

One of the greatest features of concrete patios is their design versatility. Whether you want a typical gray patio or an ornate space that resembles high-end materials, you can do it with concrete for a fraction of the price.

Maybe you wanted to use travertine but saw how expensive it could get. A professional can cut tile patterns into your new concrete patio, and use a two-tone color scheme to mimic travertine. This is achieved by adding faux grout lines to your patio, creating a compelling stonework appearance without the upkeep hassle of the real thing. Treat the cement with natural stone tones and texture it accordingly to make your patio look incredible.

You can also add a colored border to give your patio an extra decorative touch. This is a subtle but powerful way to tie in the space with an existing color scheme or to just add an extra element of style without spending too much money. Adding unique colors and finishes to the border will give your patio even more personality.

There are plenty of options here. Maybe you want your border to have a geometric pattern, mimic high-quality stones or bricks, or display an ornate decal of vines or other patterns. Just about anything is possible.

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