New JCPenney Opens In Little Rock

On October 5, a new 99,000-square-foot JCPenney store opened at Shackleford Crossing in West Little Rock. The building is part of a new shopping development at 2600 South Shackleford Road, and Razorback Concrete helped make it happen.

The project started at the end of February with the last concrete poured in early August. Razorback Concrete’s Crystal Hill plant supplied more than 3,100 cubic yards of ready-mix for the building, its foundation and sidewalks around the building.

Steve Horton, area manager for Razorback Concrete, said one of the most interesting challenges of the job was not being able to add water to the concrete at the job site. With the plant about 10 miles away from the site, dispatcher Jason Drake had to schedule deliveries in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid traffic snarls on Interstate 430.

The specifications made it a little tough, but everyone did a real good job of scheduling, Jason had a good relationship with the concrete contractor on the job, and everything went very smoothly.

said Horton.

Frank Bowman of Eads, Tenn.- based Bowmans Works, was the concrete contractor on the project. He said he has worked with Razorback Concrete for more than seven years, and was very pleased with how the project proceeded.

The general contractor, EMJ, was real happy with our work, Razorback Concrete did a real good job on the JCPenney store.

The new shopping mall in West Little Rock opened the last week in September, with stores and restaurants including Cracker Barrel, Babies ‘R’ Us, AT&T and Alltel Wireless, Rackroom Shoes, and Dunlap’s. The new JCPenney store replaces an older store formerly located at University Mall.

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