How Can I Dress Up A Concrete Walkway?

Concrete walkways are common outside most homes, and for good reason. They’re easy to install, durable and affordable. Unfortunately, a basic concrete walkway is not the most aesthetically pleasing. However, one of the major advantages of concrete is how easy it is to dress it up and mold its aesthetic into different styles. Let’s take … Continued

How Can I Keep My Basement In Good Shape?

Depending on where you live every house may have a basement, or none of them do. In certain geographical reasons basements are a mainstay, and with good reason. A proper basement can significantly expand the available square footage in a home and provide ample space for fun activities. Unfortunately, not all basements are up to … Continued

How Should I Start A Concrete Project?

One of the many benefits of concrete is how accessible it is for the average homeowner. Even if someone isn’t well versed in DIY work, learning how to install basic concrete is relatively easy. Of course, as the project becomes more complicated (think stamped concrete) it may be worth consulting with a professional. However, if … Continued

What Is The Best Way To Remove Concrete Sealer?

Concrete sealer is an incredibly effective way of protecting a concrete surface from elements like weather and frequent use. However, it’s also an effective way of protecting the concrete from more desirable interactions like a new stain or coat of paint. As a result, many homeowners find themselves asking the same question: What is the … Continued

How Do I Take Care Of Stamped Concrete?

Stamped concrete is one of the most popular outdoor patio options available today. A proper concrete contractor can build stamped concrete to resemble almost any aesthetic with the right use of stains, stamps and paint. That means homeowners can have a patio that looks like it’s made of stone, for a fraction of the price … Continued

Are Concrete Countertops Nice?

  The right countertop material can make or break a new kitchen or bathroom. Not only are countertop aesthetics a major factor in decorating any room, they also have to be functional and be able to withstand the wear-and-tear of everyday use. As a result, many homeowners find themselves languishing over what countertop material to … Continued

How Do I Cover Concrete Walls?

Many a basement in the United States is comprised of concrete walls. While concrete walls are durable, affordable and easy to install, they’re not very nice to look at. That’s why so many homeowners are taking matters into their own hands by covering the walls themselves. So how do you cover concrete walls?  Step One: … Continued

Should You Hire A Concrete Contractor?

Concrete is one of the most versatile building materials available. It’s more affordable than options like wood and stone, but incredibly durable. Even better, concrete can be customized for its intended use, and altered to fit almost any aesthetic. Concrete is often touted as a material that’s easy to use, which is why so many … Continued

How Do You Get Weeds Out Of A Concrete Patio?

Concrete patios can not only transform a backyard into a beautiful and usable space, they can even increase the value of a home. The best way homeowners can ensure that their patio achieves both, is to keep it aesthetically pleasing, which means free of weeds. As any homeowner with a concrete patio can attest, that’s … Continued

When is the Best Time to Install Concrete?

Whether you’re building a concrete driveway, a patio or perhaps even an entire building foundation, it’s important to consider weather when deciding when to actually pour the concrete. Since concrete starts as a mixture then cures, the weather and environment in which the concrete is poured can drastically affect the quality of the final product. … Continued

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