When Is The Best Time To Pour Concrete?

Concrete is one of the favorite building blocks of all kinds of outdoor projects. Whether you’re building a driveway, sidewalk or patio there are a number of factors to consider when pouring concrete outdoors. Since so many of those factors are dependent on the weather, a good concrete contractor plans far in advance. That’s because … Continued

How Should I Maintain A Concrete Driveway?

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know that one of the primary benefits of concrete is its durability. Concrete is incredibly durable and can last for decades if properly maintained, but it does still need maintenance. Many homeowners have found themselves upset that their concrete driveway needs to be replaced ten years in, … Continued

What Is A Concrete Overlay?

Affordability aside, one of the primary benefits of using concrete is the ease in which it can be maintained and repaired. Concrete overlays are one of the most common, and the most effective, ways to take an older concrete surface and make it look like new again. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly … Continued

What Type Of Retaining Wall Should I Build?

Retaining walls can be a beautiful feature and a satisfying addition to any landscaping project. There are so many different types of retaining walls out there which makes it rather common for the average homeowner to get overwhelmed. While there are many factors that should be considered when choosing the type of retaining wall that’s … Continued

How Do I Find A Reliable Concrete Provider?

  There are a lot of concrete contractors out there and, unfortunately, they are not all equally good. Some contractors are overpriced, others don’t deliver consistent quality work and others might not have the skill sets that they advertise. With such a large market, the average homeowner can quickly become overwhelmed when it comes time … Continued

Will It Save Me Money If I Tear Out My Own Concrete?

A lot of homeowners find themselves hiring a concrete contractor for their more ambitious projects. Often, these projects revolve around updating an outdated piece of existing contract–often that’s a driveway or a patio. One of the most common questions those homeowners have, is if it will save them money if they tear out the existing … Continued

What Is Acid Staining?

Concrete is as popular as ever amongst homeowners, and with good reason. A proper concrete contractor can utilize concrete to create beautiful patios, floors, sidewalks, driveways, and more. One of the most common methods is stamped concrete, but acid staining is becoming more popular amongst DIY enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at what acid … Continued

Are Concrete Pavers Worth It?

Are you considering building a new patio? Concrete patios seem to be evergreen in their popularity, and for good reason. They’re affordable, durable and can be made to fit into almost any aesthetic preference. Unfortunately for many DIYers, the complications that come from pouring concrete often dissuade them from ever building a patio. If you … Continued

Does My Concrete Garage Need A Floor Coating?

The most common type of garage floor in the United States is most certainly concrete. It’s affordable, powerful and durable. These qualities make it the ideal floor for a garage, particularly one that is regularly used to store vehicles. However, not all types of concrete floors are the same. Every homeowner with a concrete-floored garage … Continued

Can I Build A Retaining Wall Out Of Concrete?

Retaining walls can completely transform an outdoor space, and they’re not that difficult to build. If you’re planning on making a retaining wall yourself, the most important decision is what material to make it out of. Stone or brick are the two obvious answers, but those materials can get expensive quickly. Concrete may not be … Continued

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