How Do I Decide Whether To Repair Or Replace Concrete?

Concrete is one of the most durable, and affordable, construction materials out there. That’s a big reason why so many people utilize concrete in their home projects. Whether that’s creating a concrete driveway, putting down a concrete floor in the garage or using concrete as a foundation for a new structure. People are very good … Continued

Can I Pour Concrete In The Winter?

Many people don’t realize that the method for pouring concrete changes drastically based on the temperature. While it is possible to effectively pour concrete in the Winter, the method for doing so is a bit more complicated than it is in the warmer months. Let’s take a closer look at how to effectively poor concrete … Continued

What Is The Difference Between Cement And Concrete?

For some reason cement and concrete have become interchangeable words in our current culture. It’s not surprising that people are mixing up these two substances. After all, we call those large rotating trucks cement trucks despite the fact that they’re carrying concrete. It’s understandably confusing. The truth of the matter is that concrete and cement … Continued

How to Pick Your Concrete Supplier

Concrete is a natural, sustainable, and durable material that, when prepared and installed correctly, will last for years. This does not mean, however, that all concrete suppliers are created equal. Choosing the right commercial concrete supplier can mean the difference between a quality job that lasts a while and a crumbling waste of money after … Continued

How to Prepare for a Concrete Project

Overseeing a concrete project can be fun, especially if you are doing it yourself. For many people, however, the project does not turn out as expected, because they missed a few steps along the way. ””As anyone experienced in concrete projects will tell you, it is not as simple as mixing and pouring. There are … Continued

5 Tips to Ensure Your Concrete Lasts Longer

Many concrete structures deteriorate early from poor construction practices, insufficient curing, improper mix designs, and the use of unsuitable materials. Many buildings start getting cracks, and others crumble apart when exposed to harsh weather elements such as tornadoes and hurricanes. ””Apply the following tips to ensure your concrete lasts longer.

Calculate the Cost of Your Next Concrete Project

Budgeting for a concrete project can be a hassle. That is why it is so important to use an accurate concrete calculator for whatever you have in mind. By using this calculator, you can make sure that you have a clear picture of the total cost requirement of your next concrete project. ””Use this guide … Continued

3 Interesting Design Ideas that Incorporate Concrete

Most people think you can only use concrete for constructing slabs and rugged buildings. However, adventurous architects have proved them wrong. With an open mind, there is a world of endless possibilities when it comes to exciting design ideas that incorporate concrete. Design ideas for your home Whether you are constructing a new home or … Continued

How to Protect Your Concrete Driveway or Patio from Summer Heat Damage

Arkansas’ hot summers and harsh winters mean concrete damage is par for the course. While repairs to your concrete driveway or patio can control damage temporarily, the ideal strategy is prevention by having your concrete laid properly. In hot weather, it is especially important to adhere to concrete curing best practices and use a trusted … Continued

5 Differences Between Fiberglass and Concrete Inground Pools

Having an inground pool can transform your backyard into a relaxation haven, the perfect place to entertain family and friends during summer. As you embark on having an inground pool in your home, you should know the different materials you can use for construction, with fiberglass and concrete being the most common ones. Differences between … Continued

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