4 Ways Using Roller Compacted Concrete can Save Money

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Efficiency and cost-effectiveness are two major concerns while tackling a concrete project. That is why it is important to know that basic concrete is not your only option.

4 Ways Using Roller Compacted Concrete can Save MoneyR
oller compacted concrete, also known as RCC, is a great alternative to traditional concrete that boasts higher durability, easier application, and a lower need for maintenance across its lifespan. This can give your operation some major benefits. Here is how using roller compacted concrete can save you money.

It saves time

Compared to basic concrete, roller compacted concrete has a much less time-consuming construction period. Before you even pour basic concrete, you have to plan and set up forms that can hold the mixture in place. This requires labor that could be focused elsewhere. You also need to make sure that the rebar is stacked nearby so they can be lowered into the drying concrete. Only after all of this is in place can you start pouring concrete.

Compare that to roller compacted concrete, which requires no forms or rebar before you pour it. Once you put it in its place, you can immediately use a vibratory roller to smooth it out. In most cases, this only requires one pass, and the result is smooth and level concrete with great durability that can be used for foot or vehicle traffic almost immediately.

When using wet concrete mixtures, you have to wait hours if not days before you can safely open up the area for traffic. You also need to take the time of year and weather into account. With roller compacted concrete on the other hand, roads and sidewalks can be opened up much sooner, and it can be poured throughout the year regardless of weather conditions. This is accomplished by the concrete’s waterproof, rapid-dry mixture, which can withstand heavy loads, freezing, thawing, and temperature fluctuations, ultimately saving you time and money on construction, material, and labor costs.

It is more durable

Basic concrete can warp after heavy use. You might see this on older bridges or freeways. Over time, these collapse beneath the weight of vehicles. This is much less common with roller compacted concrete. Because compacted concrete uses a different ratio of water, cement, and aggregate, it is a drier mix than basic concrete. This gives it increased durability and resistance to softening over time, an advantage which stems from less space existing between the aggregate and the cement.

This makes roller compacted concrete highly durable, meaning your concrete projects will be less vulnerable to deterioration over time and warping from heavy usage. Increasing the longevity of your structures in this way can help save money on repair costs down the line or during construction, which might prolong the project. Compacted concrete also performs very well in areas with high-temperature fluctuations, which makes it an ideal material for areas where freeze-thaw resistance is important. Compacted concrete also is not stained by fuels, oils, solvents, or other fluids, so it keeps its “like new” appearance longer.

It is easier to maintain and transport

The ease of transporting and applying roller compacted concrete minimizes the cost of transporting, placing, and compacting it. It can be hauled by dump trucks, spread by bulldozers, and compacted by vibratory rollers, which is much less tedious than other types of concrete that require a mixing truck for transportation and more staff on-site to prepare and pour it.

When it comes to compacting, the same equipment used for asphalt pavement construction can be used for roller compacted concrete. That is one of the high points of this great no-slump mixture. It gives you the durability of concrete with asphalt’s simple application. It is also very easy to maintain. Because of its high durability to heavy use and weather conditions, compacted concrete needs fewer repairs over its lifespan. There is no need to worry about resurfacing or seal coating either. All roller compacted concrete needs is occasional cleaning.

It costs less overall

Because this innovative concrete application requires minimal maintenance, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. That means you can expect more savings over the course of its lifespan, but it’s also just less expensive than basic concrete. So, if your construction project is running on a tight budget, roller compacted concrete is likely the most cost-effective option for you.

Using compacted concrete can also reduce electricity costs. Because this type of concrete is light in color, it reflects more light from the sun and artificial sources. This makes the environment that the concrete is placed in brighter, meaning fewer light sources and lower wattage is required to safely illuminate the space. This can lower your energy usage during and after construction by as much as 37%. This light color concrete also absorbs less heat, resulting in a cooler material that can help mitigate the heat island effect and lower air temperature by up to 10 degrees.

For more information

Basic concrete is not your only option. Choose the route that saves you time and money. For more information about roller-compacted concrete, contact Razorback Concrete at (870) 455-0700.

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