How to Pick Your Concrete Supplier

Concrete is a natural, sustainable, and durable material that, when prepared and installed correctly, will last for years. This does not mean, however, that all concrete suppliers are created equal. Choosing the right commercial concrete supplier can mean the difference between a quality job that lasts a while and a crumbling waste of money after exposure to the elements over a few seasons.

How to Pick Your Concrete Supplier
””Check out this guide for a few important takeaways on how to pick your concrete supplier.

Finding the right concrete supplier

First, it is important to know the definition of a concrete supplier. Many masonries, general contractors, and handyman services offer concrete repair and replacement, but this does not make them a concrete supplier.

Concrete installers or contractors are those responsible for the actual work behind your repair or replacement. These professionals have specialized knowledge of the installation process and the necessary permits for your project.

In contrast, as the name suggests, the concrete supplier is the person or company behind processing, manufacturing, and preparing the concrete materials you will need to do the job. They will have knowledge of mixing recipes of concrete that meet the specifications for the thickness, use, and other characteristics of your repair. Separating installation and production into contractor and supplier ensures that you have hired specialized individuals who are experienced in their fields.

Concrete suppliers are not created equal

Not every concrete mix will suit your project needs. Commercial concrete suppliers will often provide many options and will listen to the needs of your project.

When your final product will require stamped concrete, for example, a slower drying mixture will allow enough time for workers to lay the pattern into the poured surface. Fiber reinforcement for slabs or quick-drying additives for areas prone to foot traffic are also available and will change the final concrete mixture. When choosing a concrete supplier, consider their exact questions and be sure they are asking the right ones about the final use and needs of the concrete rather than simply quoting a generic price.

Another factor to consider when choosing a supplier of concrete is the company’s location. Local concrete suppliers are more readily available to come to your home or job site to review the layout and take notes on the entire proposal. This will allow a better understanding of your needs, resulting in a better final product. Using a supplier close to home will also save on hauling costs for old waste concrete, as many of these facilities often provide disposal and recycling services on site.

Additional things to consider

Although additional considerations will vary depending on the size and location of your individual job, here are a few points to keep in mind to help narrow your concrete supplier options.

Customer reviews

When it comes to feedback, do not just take the company’s word for it. Read online reviews from Yelp or Google to learn what your community and neighbors have to say about the product and delivery service. Many companies also respond to comments on Yelp or Google. Reading their responses can give you an idea of that company’s customer service.

Estimates and bid breakdowns

Customers shopping for concrete will often solicit bids from several suppliers.  Buyer beware, however, as not all bids are the same. Review line item costs carefully to ensure they include disposal fees, the costs of any reinforcement, and the full scope of delivery and pouring. Hidden costs can quickly turn a winning bid into a poor value proposition.

Quality control

Even with the right product mix for the job at hand, the quality of the aggregate materials can make a large difference in the durability of your concrete structure.  Be sure to ask your concrete supplier whether they use locally sourced, high-quality materials as aggregate to compliment your cement mixture.

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