From Planning to Placement: Constructing with Reinforced Concrete

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reinforced concrete””Constructing a building with reinforced concrete takes a lot of planning, and also a lot of detailed work to make sure that everything is laid down exactly according to those plans. Unfortunately, one wrong step in either the planning or placement stages can result in cracking, uneven sides, or sealing difficulties.

Creating a Plan

Before any sort of physical construction can start, a very well thought out structural plan needs to be designed. This plan needs to have, in detail, how much concrete will be used and where the reinforced concrete will be placed. Generally, the plan should be looked over by all members of an engineering team after it has been created in order to make sure that there are no glaring deficiencies in the plan that need to be revised before work commences. Once the foundational plan is in place, you can start the process of estimating how much it will cost.

Cost Analysis

Figuring out exactly how much concrete a project requires determines how much the project is going to cost. Razorback Concrete provides reinforced concrete at a competitive price if you are doing it yourself. If you are using a contractor for your concrete project, you can expect to see some sort of variation in bids, but they should all generally be close to the same number. If one contractor’s estimate is far below or above the others, feel free to ask more questions, but it is usually best to go with a contractor that sticks around the mean cost.

Placement of Reinforced Concrete

The first step you or your contractor will take in the placement phase will be to cut, bend, and place the rebar. Once the web of reinforcement is completely laid out according to the structural design plans, the concrete can be poured. The concrete needs to be added slowly and spread evenly throughout the entire construction area to maintain a uniform consistency. Any air bubbles inside the concrete can lead to a weak point which lends the reinforced concrete to be less effective and can end up costing the building owner money in future reparations.


After the concrete and rebar have been set, allow for an adequate amount time for the concrete to cure. This depends on how thick the concrete was laid. It can take as little as just a few days, up to a week or more. Once it is cured and the forms are removed, construction of the surrounding structures can begin.

To find out exactly how much the reinforced concrete for your project is going to cost, contact Razorback Concrete or call 870-455-0700. As a ready-mix concrete provider, we can provide you with an estimate on both the quantity and price of the concrete you will need for your project.

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