From Pool Decks and Fountains, to Walls and Roads, the Concrete Design Possibilities Are Endless

Whether used alone, or in combination with other materials, concrete is perfect for creating unique designs that stand the test of time.

concrete design possibilities””Concrete has more uses than just in your town’s walls and roadways or your neighborhood’s driveways and sidewalks. With a variety of textures and application techniques, from the practical to the decorative, the concrete design possibilities for builders and homeowners alike are endless thanks to concrete’s generous flexibility. From fountains and fireplaces to detailed architectural accents, concrete gives you a way to creatively and economically enhance any home with features that outlast most other materials.

Pool Decks and Fountains

Utilizing decorative concrete in pool decks and fountains has become a major trend in outdoor landscaping design in recent years. To enhance the style of a backyard, the concrete used in pool decks is usually colored and stamped to compliment a home’s exterior design. Concrete’s slip-resistant surface makes it safer for outdoor activities than most other materials, while its quality and low-maintenance requires minimal cleaning and upkeep. It’s important to ensure that the concrete is sealed properly in either setting to protect the concrete, and surrounding land, from water damage.

Tubs and Sinks

Pre-manufactured concrete tubs and sinks can come finished or in their raw form for builders and homeowners to accent as they like. Custom tubs and sinks forms can also be designed and poured to match any theme, décor, size, or shape that you don’t find with a supplier. By choosing the color and surface finishing, you can re-create the look of stone, ceramic, or decorative tile to match the rest of your bathroom.

Wall Treatments

Create a focal point in any room with stamped concrete tiles on a large wall—textured to mimic the look of carved stone, wood, and other patterns—or add colored or stained tiles to create a unique visual collage.


Concrete fireplaces support both wood and gas fuel sources and can accommodate indoor and outdoor spaces in a variety of sizes and forms. Stamping and carving the concrete can give you the look of the large stone or a modern tile fireplace with bold or intricate designs. Concrete reinforced with fiberglass works well when used in creating mantles to finish off your fireplace with an attractive and functional accessory.

Concrete Furniture

Perhaps the ultimate in artistic expression with concrete can be created with furniture in your home. Tables, chairs, and benches used to accent a room or outside space can create permanent fixtures that are comfortable conversation pieces. When combined with fiberglass, a concrete mix becomes lighter so each piece of furniture can easily be moved and rearranged. Structures that incorporate other materials, like wooden planks, can be used in benches or picnic tables for additional outdoor seating.

A Flexible and Creative Material

Concrete’s ease of use and flexibility means that it can be shaped into almost anything that can be made from a form. With stains, stamps, and reinforcement from other materials, the possibilities of designing with concrete are really endless. This durable product puts up with the wear and tear of family and guests as well as outdoor weather conditions, making it perfect to use for a variety of purposes. Contact Razorback Concrete to learn more about concrete design possibilities to find out how you can utilize our product to enhance the appearance of your home or business.

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