Prepare for Summer with a New Concrete Patio

A new concrete patio can elevate your outdoor gatherings all summer long. Customize your patio design to maximize the wow factor of this integral landscape element.

summer concrete damage Arkansas””With summer right around the corner, take your cookouts with friends, family and neighbors to the next level with an innovative concrete patio build. When personalized to complement your home, your new concrete patio will set the stage for delightful gatherings all season long. You can integrate a wide range of decorative ideas to find your perfect level of personalization for your patio build. Here are a few decorative concrete ideas in Arkansas for the complete customization of your new patio.

Faux Tile Design

Travertine tile can have a dramatic effect on the overall design of your patio. Unfortunately, this material also has the power to break the bank and leave little of your budget left for your finishing touches. Thankfully, you can mimic the look of travertine by having a professional use a saw to cut tile patterns into your new concrete patio. To complete this look, use a two-tone color scheme to give the tile a mottled look and fill in the faux grout lines.

Natural Stone Tones

A natural stone arrangement can give your patio a stunning appearance but can prove to be a logistical problem. Instead, consider mimicking the look of natural stone by transforming your new concrete patio with modern stencil techniques and earth tones from the old world palette. A combination of irregular shapes and textures will create a natural look that is nearly indiscernible from the real thing. Your solid concrete patio design will fare far better in the elements than natural stone materials that are prone to weathering at the edges.

Custom Graphics

You cannot take personalization much further than adorning your concrete patio with custom graphics. You can create a design that directly reflects your personality and home décor or select from a number of premade graphics. After you complete your patio build, your experts can roll out the graphics at the designated placement area to complete your stunning design.

Fun Borders

Simple yet fun borders can add a bit of flair that stands out without looking too flashy. The borders apply to the top of the concrete surface in the selected texture, color and design. You may have borders shaped like small geometric tiles, aged brickwork, tangled vines or any other design you can dream up. You can even add borders around your faux stone or tile designs to highlight the interior design as the main focal point.

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