How to Protect Your Driveway from the Effects of Frost, Ice, and Snow

During the winter, your driveway suffers the abuse of ice, frost and snow. These elements can damage your driveway, requiring you to repair it or replace it in the spring.

how to protect driveway from winter weather””When you understand how to protect your driveway from winter weather, you can prevent nature from wreaking so much havoc this season. It’s important to take preventative measures when dealing with winter weather, because once the damage starts it can be too late and could prove too costly to repair.

Ways to Protect the Driveway

There are certain chemical additives that can be used in the concrete mixture for you driveway that can strengthen and protect it from cracking once it is poured. Once you have a strong driveway in place, protect it from damage during the winter with these options:

  • Pour a substance onto the driveway and distribute it evenly. This method can stop ice from developing on the surface. Kitty litter is your best bet. Avoid salt because it can damage concrete; deicers can also cause problems by lengthening the amount of time of the freeze and thaw cycle.
  • Place a waterproof tarp or a layer of plastic over the driveway before inclement weather hits. Remove the sheet to walk and drive on the driveway.
  • Keep your driveway clean from leaves and debris before bad weather comes. This will help you clean the driveway after a snow fall.
  • Choose a rubber paddled snow thrower and a plastic bladed shovel to clear snow from the driveway. Metal versions can scratch the concrete.

Start With the Right Concrete

At Razorback Concrete, we provide high-quality and high-tech concrete options to create a strong driveway that’s ready for the winter. The strength of the concrete composition is an important consideration. Concrete with higher pounds per square inch, or PSI, is stronger. Go for 3,500 to 4,000 PSI to have a higher-quality driveway that can withstand tougher conditions.

We offer different types of concrete mixes with aggregates that are effective in winter weather conditions. Mixing the concrete with Fibermesh helps prevent cracking. Or we can add more air to your concrete mix, which resists cracking by giving the concrete room to expand and contract as the temperature changes.

We also have high-tech solutions. Consider our pervious concrete, which lets water move through its surface into the ground. This process can prevent water from collecting on the concrete and freezing, plus it can help snow leak through as it melts, instead of sitting. Our Roller Compacted Concrete is waterproof and our Novamesh variety holds up during freezing and thawing winter conditions. At Razorback Concrete, we can help you choose the right concrete product for your driveway.

Overall, the best way to avoid potential concrete problems is to start off with a quality concrete product you can trust. For any type of concrete project in Arkansas, you can trust the product delivered by Razorback Concrete Company. Call us at 870-455-0700 to get your project started today or send us a message if you have any concrete-specific questions.

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