Quality Record Impresses Concrete Contractor

One hundred twenty eight loads of ready-mix and every one was near perfect. That’s total quality control.

Concrete contractor Frank Bowman was impressed recently when Razorback Concrete delivered 1,150 cubic yards of ready-mix concrete and every single load was near perfect in quality and consistency. Bowman was the concrete contractor for the construction of the new Kohl’s retail store in Jonesboro. The 70,000 square feet facility was completed in June.

By comparison, we recently did a job with another ready-mix company and had to reject 11 truck loads because the water content was not right,

said Bowman.

Razorback Concrete always does a jam-up good job. We’ve worked with them on 20-25 projects. We are always happy to work with Razorback.

A special Fibermesh mixture was used for the Kohl’s job. Fibermesh utilizes fibrillated fiber reinforcement, rather than welded wire fabric. Because there is no wire mesh, Fibermesh slabs are much easier to place than slabs that require wire reinforcement.

Fibermesh is a really good product,

explained Scotty Hickson, an area manager for Razorback Concrete.

The fibers interlock throughout the entire slab, top to bottom, so it creates a very impact resistant, durable slab.

Customer service representative Ken Barham provided on-site supervision for Razorback Concrete.

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