Quality Impressive in Wal-Mart Job

Builders appreciate a flat, smooth concrete foundation. That’s especially true for the contractors who completed the Wal-Mart store in Trumann.

Frank Bowman is president of Bowman Works of Eads, Tennessee. Bowman Works was the concrete contractor for the Wal-Mart job in Trumann. According to Bowman, the ready-mix supplied by Razorback Concrete for the Wal-Mart’s floor was among the best he has ever seen.

It was the most consistent slump, best quality concrete we’ve had in a long, long time.  The specification called for 50 FF (flatness) and 35 FL (level). Some of the loads came in at 100 FF, and one at 108 FF. The quality was just outstanding.

Bowman also noted that the general contractor, W.S. Bowlware, Inc., was impressed by Razorback Concrete’s work.

They (Bowlware) commented to me that Razorback Concrete was the most professional ready-mix company they had ever worked with on a project, and they’ve built Wal-Marts all over the country

The Wal-Mart project required more than 1,600 cubic yards of ready-mix to build the store’s slab, docking area, garden center and sidewalks. RazorFinish, the company’s premium-finish product, was used for all the sidewalks.

The Wal-Mart in Trumann is the first Wal-Mart in Northeast Arkansas to have exposed concrete flooring; there are no tiles or linoleum covering the indoor concrete surface.

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