Our Goal

  • Razorback Concrete Company has a stringent, ongoing quality control program that ensures the absolute highest quality of your ready-mix product.
  • Materials: We use the finest materials available. We continuously check to make sure the gradations of our aggregates are correct and to determine the exact moisture content of our sand. These are necessary steps to assure a perfect mix.
  • In-house engineering: Our in-house engineer is always available to help with mix designs and testing. He also works with our sales staff to ensure quality control measures throughout the company.
  • Scale checks: Most companies calibrate their scales only once a year. We do it twice annually to ensure accuracy.
  • We have ACI certified grade 1 field testing personnel at all our locations, and we have highly qualified ready-mix technicians who can recommend mix designs and placement options to meet your specific needs.
  • Driver training: Our training program is thorough and on going. And we don’t just instruct our drivers on how to operate a mixer truck, we teach all aspects of proper ready-mix delivery and placement.
  • Customer consultation: We do a thorough interview with every customer before delivery to assure that we understand your mix specifications.
  • Laboratory research and information: We compile information from laboratory tests on various mix designs. We then consult our database before we prepare a mix recommendation.
  • Equipment checks and maintenance: We constantly maintain our plants and mixer trucks so that all our machinery is in perfect working condition.
  • Checking new pours: We sample and test new concrete pours upon request during placement to make sure our product meets exact specifications.
Have Any Questions?

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