The Science Behind Ready Mix Concrete in Arkansas

The science behind ready-mix concrete allows this material to dry and cure to an exceptional strength. Explore the factors that contribute to the creation of strong, durable concrete structures.

summer concrete Arkansas””All you have to do to prepare quality ready mix concrete is add water and mix, but what is actually happening beneath the surface? Despite appearances, concrete does not merely dry and harden. With the addition of water for hydration, a complex chemical reaction triggers the materials to begin the curing process. With proper curing, the ready mix concrete in Arkansas gains strength and durability to support all your project needs. Understanding the factors that go into the mixing and curing process can help you prepare for your next project.

Materials Used for Ready Mix Concrete in Arkansas

Ready-mix concrete is a smart mix of gravel, sand, and cement in precise ratios. When combined with the proper amount of water, these ingredients turn into a thick slurry that can be poured into forms. The precise material ratios ensure you always receive a high-quality, uniform product.

Effects of Hydration on Ready Mix Concrete

In the process known as hydration, water activates the binding agents in the cement to start the chemical reaction. The water also helps to evenly combine the cement and sand to create a strong binding agent for the large aggregate pieces. A precise amount of water must be added to control the consistency of the concrete slurry and ensure the mixture maintains enough hydration through the full curing process.

Complicating Factors in Mixing and Curing Concrete

The type of cement used and the amount of water added typically depends on potentially complicating factors, such as cold weather and heavy winds. To overcome freezing weather conditions during the curing process, you can use special low-temp cement formulas, admixtures, outside heating elements, and even insulated blankets. High outside temperatures may require an increase in the water added to the concrete in Arkansas.

Ready-Mix Concrete Quality Testing

To ensure the quality of your concrete materials, you can trust that your ready mix concrete provider performs quality testing. When performed by the American Society for Testing and Materials, the ready-mix concrete quality testing process verifies that the mixture fully cures to the desired strength and durability rating. If you are unsure about the quality of your ready mix concrete in Arkansas, ask your provider about their test results and the superior characteristics of their ready-mix products.

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