Should I Use Concrete For the Floor of my Gym?

Whether you run a professional gym, or are one of the thousands of people building the home gym of your dreams, it’s important to have the proper type of flooring installed. Every gym owner should consider using concrete flooring as the base of their gym. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why concrete floors should be in every gym. 


Concrete floors are incredibly easy to maintain. Weekly sweeps and mops with water and a gentle cleaner will make sure your concrete floors last for decades at a time. Concrete floors are non-porous, which means they are resistant to stains, spills and even germs. Concrete floors will save you hours of time when compared to other flooring solutions like carpet or wood. 


The nature of what a gym is ensures that the flooring needs to be able to withstand large amounts of weight and movement. When installed and reinforced correctly, concrete can withstand thousands of pounds of weight without degradation. In fact, the strength of concrete is why so many people use it as the base of their driveways. If concrete can withstand multi-ton vehicles, it can stand up to even the most robust of powerlifters. 


To extend the life of concrete floors even further, many gym owners choose to cover the floors with rubber matting. The smooth nature of concrete makes it easy to place mats or rubber flooring on top. That additional flooring creates a softer floor for workouts. Since rubber flooring does not last nearly as long as concrete, it’s easy to replace when needed. 

If you don’t mind a harder surface than stamping, staining and painting concrete are all effective methods for transforming a basic concrete floor into a statement aesthetic for your gym. Whether you want a logo, or faux wood concrete can be customized to fit your aesthetic preference by a skilled concrete contractor .

Concrete floors make an affordable, powerful and sensible foundation for any gym. Both the home fitness enthusiast and the commercial gym owner should give serious consideration to putting concrete floors into their gym. To learn more, visit  



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