Should I Use Concrete Indoors?

Concrete is one of the most versatile building substances available today. You’ll see it used for sidewalks, driveways, floors and even entire buildings. When most people think of concrete, they tend to think of outdoor structures, but concrete is just as effective indoors. Today we’ll go over five major reasons why concrete makes an excellent indoor surface. 



Concrete is fairly durable, particularly when it’s indoors and not exposed to outside elements. As a result, concrete flooring is not easily damaged from foot traffic, no matter if that foot traffic comes from feet or paws. This durability also makes concrete flooring particular resistant to staining, which can be a big plus for anyone with children. 



Once concrete has been poured and cured, it’s relatively hands free when it comes to maintenance. This is particularly true if the concrete floor has been properly sealed. The type of sealant used on indoor concrete floors makes the flooring resistant to stains, spills and most bacteria. As a result, all that’s really needed to keep that floor clean is a quick sweep and mop a few times a month. 



Concrete can last for decades, this is even more true when it comes to concrete that lives indoors. That means most concrete flooring will outlast other common flooring options like tile, carpet and wood. Coupled with the fact that concrete flooring is significantly cheaper than other common flooring materials and it’s easy to see why more people are turning to concrete flooring solutions. 



Concrete isn’t always just a smooth grey surface. Techniques like stamping, staining and resurfacing can all be used to give concrete a more artisanal and aesthetically pleasing feel. Concrete can be made to mimic natural stone, brick or wood and all at the fraction of the cost that those materials actually cost. 


There is a lot more to concrete than most people give it credit for. The cost, versatility and durability of the substance makes it a fantastic solution for indoor use. 


Of course, if you are worried about the quality of the concrete work inside your home, we suggest working with a professional. The staff at Razorback Concrete are always happy to help. Visit to learn more. 



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