Site Batch Concrete Vs. Ready Mix: What’s the Right Choice for Your Project?

””In considering concrete-involved improvements you would like to make to your home, or before taking on a large concrete project for your business, it is wise to take the time to carefully choose which products and services are the best quality and value for your dollar. Going with the quickest or cheapest could lead to some costly results in the very near future, and this is never more true than when making your choice in concrete types.

Once you have decided that you will need concrete for your project, the next chore is deciding between the most popular options, ready mix concrete or site batch concrete. While both types are viable options, depending on the project, it may be more beneficial to use one type over the other.

First, an aspect to consider is the time spent preparing your concrete. While site batch mixing is time consuming due to a multitude of careful steps, exact formulas, and long stretches of time spent waiting for the concrete to set, ready mix concrete is delivered ready to use, meaning that it works around your project’s schedule and not the other way around. This also means that your ready mix concrete can be delivered to multiple sites—unlike site batch concrete which has to be mixed at the exact location it’s being used—within your project without having to worry about your concrete ruining or becoming contaminated, which leads to higher costs and expensive delays.

Comparatively, choosing ready mix over site batch concrete also means you won’t have to deal with any raw materials on site as you do with site batch mixing, which in turn, cancels out any environmental concerns you may have had to address using the site batch concrete method.

Lastly, and most importantly, when contemplating ready mix versus site batch concrete, you must keep the quality of the finished product as a primary concern. Site batching tends to have a high risk of not setting properly or being too weak to be of any use due to lack of sophistication, but a ready mix trained professional can reduce your risk by delivering a quality, guaranteed product that you can be confident in.

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