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planning projects with concrete in Arkansas””With a new year upon us, now is a great time to start laying the groundwork for your major projects for 2015. If you are planning for a construction project that will require the use of concrete in Arkansas, Razorback Concrete Company’s product lineup include everything you need. In addition to familiar products like ready-mixed concrete, Razorback Concrete also offers several innovative products that make the most of the latest concrete techniques and technologies. Familiarize yourself with what Razorback Concrete has to offer to ensure practical and effective project solutions throughout the year.

Ready-Mix Concrete

With 18 plants in 16 locations throughout the state, Razorback Concrete is a convenient choice when you are looking for high-quality ready-mixed concrete in Arkansas. More than 100 trucks are primed and ready to deliver this first-rate product directly to your job site, so if you need a building product that is strong, reliable, and comparatively less expensive, ready-mix concrete is the best choice.

Fiber Reinforcement

Razorback Concrete offers a wide range of fibrous concrete reinforcements to suit a variety of construction needs. This type of concrete invisibly prevents cracks and improves structural control with the addition of monofilament polypropylene fibers. Although it is sometimes visible, fibrillated polypropylene offers even better crack prevention and control for more demanding conditions. Steel rebar reinforced concrete costs more initially, but delivers exceptional impact resistance and crack control for concrete foundations, frames, walls, and flooring.


Whether you are laying concrete in an area that experiences extreme freeze-thaw cycles or need a material that is suitable for more demanding conditions, Novamesh is an excellent concrete solution. It is created using a combination of synthetic and steel fibers to boast superior hardening and exceptional strength with less shrinkage and settlement. By using this product, you can do away with welded wire or light rebar to help keep costs in check while still producing high-quality results.

Pervious Concrete

Like many construction managers and developers, you probably work for a company that’s increasingly concerned about its impact on the environment. This fact is most likely compounded by clients who are actively looking for ways to go green. Pervious concrete is a great option under these circumstances and exemplifies the latest ideals of sustainable construction.

This porous concrete product allows water to filter into the soil beneath it, thereby acting as a natural water filter for groundwater. It transfers water to root systems in even the most highly developed areas, which allows surrounding landscaping to thrive and helps prevent roadways and parking lots from flooding and runoffs.

Roller-Compacted Concrete

If you’re having difficulty choosing between asphalt and concrete for your project, consider a zero-slump roller-compacted concrete mixture that actually uses the same equipment as asphalt pavements. You still get the same great strength and durability of concrete with the added bonus of simpler, faster, and less costly applications.

Roller-compacted concrete makes the most sense for low speed and low impact areas, including residential streets, sidewalks, and parking lots. Plus, it can be applied year-round, making it an excellent option for a wide range of large-scale construction projects.

If you will need concrete materials for your 2015 projects, the products produced by Razorback Concrete are the best choice. Contact us regarding any type of residential or commercial construction project that will require concrete in Arkansas or call 870-455-0700 to get started today. Our ready-mix concrete consultants can help you discover the best concrete product for your needs so you can start the planning and placement process as soon as possible.

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