The Life Expectancy of Your Concrete Driveway in Arkansas

You can keep your concrete driveway in Arkansas in great condition for many years by performing regular maintenance and repairs.

Keep your concrete driveway in Arkansas in great shape throughout its lifespan.””Concrete is by far the top material of choice for driveways in Arkansas. Since this region has very few freeze-thaw cycles, and little use for de-icing agents, concrete tends to hold up very well over the years. High temperatures in the summer can pose a problem, however, especially if your concrete driveway sits fully exposed to the sunlight.  Arkansas’ high humidity and wind speed has the potential to complicate concrete pouring and curing, so great care must be taken when constructing your concrete driveway to prevent potential problems in the future. Regular concrete driveway repair can help your driveway exceed its life expectancy.

Concrete Driveway Lifespan

When poured over a properly prepared subgrade in ideal conditions, outdoor concrete structures, including load-bearing driveways, should last up to 30 years or more. Arkansas’ hot, humid weather conditions allow moisture to expand within the concrete, which has the potential to cause cracks and divots to develop. Tree roots growing under the surface or other subgrade changes can also cause damage that decreases the lifespan of your concrete driveway considerably. If you frequently park heavy duty vehicles or equipment on your driveway, the material will be more susceptible to destructive imperfections. Make sure to inspect your concrete driveway frequently for any developing cracks and have them repaired right away to control the damage.

Maintenance and Repair Requirements

Regular maintenance can help your concrete resist weathering and mechanical damage. You will need to thoroughly clean your concrete driveway surface and apply a sealer at least once a year to restore its protective finish. If your vehicle deposits oil or other fluids on your concrete driveway surface, clean them off right away to prevent degradation of the concrete in those areas.

You can keep your concrete driveway in great condition by having the slightest hint of damage repaired right when you notice the problem. You will need to pressure wash the damaged area to remove debris, so a full evaluation of the damage can be performed. After removing the deteriorated concrete, you will need to apply a patch to seal up the damage and prevent it further damage. If the problem escalates, wide cracks or holes could make their way through the entire slab, necessitating a full replacement of your concrete driveway.

Time For Replacement

If the cracks are developing due to problem with the subgrade, you should have your entire concrete driveway replaced. Your driveway will need to be fully removed to rework the subgrade and restore its supportive foundation. Concrete professionals can use additives and preventive practices in the concrete mix to mitigate the effects of wind and humidity on the fresh concrete, ensuring a longer lifespan and decreasing the need for repairs.

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