The Principles That Guide Us

Through a common understanding between the company and its employees, we are committed to provide the highest quality product and service to our customers in every job.

We recognize an obligation and responsibility to serve the interest of the communities in which we do business and encourage similar attitudes among our employees and other companies with which we do business.

We are pledged to high standards of safety and quality assurance and will always seek to utilize the latest and best equipment and techniques that make our company a leader in its industry, as well as a good place to work and learn.

It is our belief that our customers deserve more than average product or average service. We intend to perform at consistently high levels with the understanding that satisfied customers are the best source of continued growth for our company.

We are fortunate to live and work in a country that allows excellence to be its own reward and permits the individual to make a significant contribution to both company success and personal success. We are dedicated to actions and decisions that take full advantage of this unique freedom which results in success for all concerned.

In order to help us achieve the goals of our company, we intend to be ever mindful of the need to gain customer loyalty by encouraging the extra care and service that our customers deserve.

W. Kent Ingram

Keith M. Ingram
Vice President

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