Three Tricks for Repairing Concrete

One of the qualities that makes concrete such a popular and useful building material for a wide variety of different projects is its resilience and lifespan. But even the hardiest materials will need routine maintenance and repairs to make it last as long as possible. People can generally expect their concrete to last 25-30 years so long as it is properly cared for. Over the course of the concrete’s lifespan, one can expect issues to pop up that require repairs in order to properly maintain the concrete. Here are three tricks to keep in mind when making repairs to concrete.

Clean the concrete before beginning repairs

As concrete begins to chip and crack, the surface of the concrete can become littered with loose bits of concrete and debris. Before attempting to repair the concrete, make sure the area is cleaned and clear of debris. Brush brooms are great tools for this especially if you’re working with a large area of concrete, but for small, localized repairs, cleaning rags should work just fine. 

Fill in and repair cracks ASAP

As concrete ages and wears down, small hairline cracks may begin to appear on the surface of the concrete. These cracks are generally aesthetic damage only, neither deep nor wide enough to cause any issues with the structural integrity of the concrete. Still, leaving hairline cracks unaddressed can open the concrete up to further damage over time. Water can easily seep into hairline cracks, slowly expanding them over time. Cracks that are deep enough can damage the concrete past the point of repair, making replacing the concrete the only option. Addressing hairline cracks as they appear ensures that the concrete will remain strong for years to come. 

Consult with professionals for larger repairs

Those who are experienced in working with concrete and confident in their ability to repair it may be fine attempting large DIY concrete repairs, but for the rest of us it is best to consult with a professional concrete company when dealing with larger repairs. Attempting a large repair without the proper experience can end up making the problem worse, and could even potentially be dangerous. Concrete professionals like those at Razorback Concrete are always ready to help customers with all of their concrete-related needs. To learn more, visit today. 


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