Top Applications of Reinforced Concrete Used by Arkansas Contractors

Often, the strength and durability of reinforced concrete will make it the best choice for construction projects. Some of the top applications for this material include foundation and wall building, bridge construction, and safety structure fabrication.

about ready mix concrete vs. alternatives””Many in the construction industry prefer using reinforced concrete because it is durable, versatile and affordable, making it ideal for use in a variety of structure types. It also resists fire and erosion, which decreases maintenance costs.

About Reinforced Concrete
Most concrete used for construction is a combination of concrete and reinforcement that is called reinforced concrete. Steel is the most common material used as reinforcement, but other materials such as fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) are also used. Reinforced concrete is a combination of adequate reinforcement and concrete designed to work together to resist applied loads.

One of the most useful applications of reinforced concrete is the ability to form it into a variety of shapes by including a steel rod (rebar) support structure during construction. The steel rod is implanted into the concrete during the pouring process. Rebar is a popular support structure used to construct foundations, frames and walls. It is also an ideal product for residential concrete floor slaps and large roof slabs on commercial buildings.

Reinforced Concrete’s Usefulness in Construction
Because of concrete’s cost-effectiveness and durability, most of today’s bridge construction includes some form of reinforced concrete. It can also be visually superior to other materials thanks to the versatility of precast shapes that the concrete can be poured into. For example, Razorback Concrete has been a concrete provider for the improvements to Arkansas’s Interstate 430/630 interchange in west Little Rock known as the “Big Rock Interchange,” which is now in the third and final phase of construction. Phase III includes flyover ramps to carry traffic between Interstates 430 and 630, a new overpass over Interstate 630 at Baptist Hospital, and construction of a bridge at the west end of Interstate 630.

Concrete is also used in the construction of permanent airplane hangars like those at the Little Rock Air Force Base. With supporting structural elements like foundations, floor slabs, structural steel frames, and masonry walls, the use of reinforced concrete makes these structures affordable to build and maintain. Some large residential structures require the reinforced concrete use as well. For instance, multistory buildings need the additional support and fire resistance to ensure safety. It is also used regularly for the construction of atomic structures because of the material’s density, strength and ability to absorb radiation.

Contact a Concrete Professional
Allowing professional concrete technicians to prepare, mix, and set the concrete used for your construction project will ensure long-lasting results free of corrosion, cracking, and chipping. The applications of reinforced concrete are perfect for specialized projects or those with a broad scope. Call Razorback Concrete, a reinforced concrete specialist, for a free concrete quote today. And before starting your next concrete project, be sure to use our free concrete calculator to get a good idea of how much ready-mix concrete your project might require.

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