Use Concrete to Create Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

To take your landscape design to the next level, use concrete materials in creating your dream outdoor kitchen. Explore these decorative concrete ideas to get started.

Enviromental benefits of pervious concrete””If you want to really wow your guests this holiday season and beyond, you can create a gorgeous outdoor kitchen using a stunning array of concrete materials. Concrete forming and finishing practices create kitchen elements, furniture included, that will bring your outdoor entertainment space to life. With the right plan and approach, your efforts will result in the creation of a dream outdoor kitchen that opens up incredible opportunities to entertain your guests in style. When you create your outdoor dream kitchen, make sure to include the four following decorative concrete ideas.

Beautiful Kitchen Workstation

To create a truly complete kitchen arrangement outdoors, you must integrate your grill into a countertop workstation. You can achieve this feat in discarding the stone vs concrete countertops discussions by simply selecting polished concrete materials for your counters. Polished concrete countertops will withstand harsh weather conditions while retaining their lustrous finish for years to come. You can easily place your grill atop the prepared concrete countertop and have concrete block shelves underneath for tool and spice storage.

Stunning Fire Pit Focal Point

While your guests await their fantastic meals prepared at your kitchen workstation, they can cozy up around your fire pit made completely out of concrete materials. You can build the fire pit by using concrete blocks to create a square or circular base, and then top the structure with a polished or stamped concrete surround. Alternatively, you can construct a permanent concrete frame using wood forms to form the wet concrete into fireproof barriers.

Comfy Benches and Footrests

To give your guests a permanent place to kick back and relax, integrate concrete benches and footrests into your outdoor kitchen design. By using wood forms to hold the concrete until it dries, you can create swooping benches and footrests in any shape imaginable. Make sure that you can place soft cushions and pillows atop the benches to give your guests a comfy place to rest as you cook up an incredible meal at the grill.

Iconic Statement Pieces

Nothing completes an outdoor kitchen better than decorative statement pieces made from concrete. Consider making oval flowerpots and rectangular planters from wet concrete materials by creating forms for the molding process. You can also use concrete blocks to create small raised beds that you can use to grow fresh herbs for your outdoor meals. Make sure to integrate bright flowers for pops of color that contrast the rich gray concrete materials in order to create a kitchen design that you will treasure for decades to come.

Creating Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen Using Concrete Materials

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