How Using Roller Compacted Concrete Can Save You Time and Money on Your Next Large Scale Project

The easy delivery, speedy application, and lasting performance of roller compacted concrete benefits developers looking to save time and conserve funds.

roller compacted concrete can save money

””Construction professionals are familiar with the ubiquitous concrete truck that pours its low viscosity mixture into a form at a job site. Although this is a common concrete strategy for roads, parking lots, and sidewalks, it is not the only choice in the industry. Roller-compacted concrete, or RCC, consists of the same water, aggregate, and cement components in concrete, but uses different ratios. As a much drier mix, it is easily compacted the moment it is poured onto a job site with essentially zero slump. As an innovative application, roller compacted concrete is one of the best materials for high-quality roads and fast installation, meaning it saves you time and money on a variety of large scale projects.

Saving Time

Before pouring basic concrete, workers must construct intricate forms to hold the wet mixture. Rebar stacked nearby is placed into the concrete as it cures to create a relatively flexible structure to withstand ground movement. All of this preparation and organization before the concrete even arrives on-site is time consuming. Roller compacted concrete, however, remains in place as it is poured creating no need for forms, joints, or even rebar installation.

Roller compacted concrete can be instantly smoothed with a vibratory roller. The job site ends up with a perfectly smooth surface ready for foot or vehicle traffic almost instantly, and the resulting quality contributes to a long lifespan.

Wet concrete cures at different rates, depending on regional temperatures and humidity levels. When you compact RCC after installation, its density is quickly solidified. Roads and pathways can also be opened to local traffic when RCC is used. Other concrete mixtures need several hours or days to be safe for vehicles or walking traffic, but roller compacted concrete‘s rapid-dry mixture saves cities from prolonged traffic nightmares while reducing costs for basic construction work.

Conserving Funds

There are additional costs to consider when traditional concrete is used in a project. For example, to transport the product, a rotating concrete truck must be used. Material costs drop significantly when roller compacted concrete is used. Low cost dump trucks transport the concrete, while basic bulldozers spread the mixture. There is no need for a paver or extra manpower to spread the wet concrete before curing begins. Using vibratory rollers smoothes out the concrete quickly and requires less material than a traditional pour.

Added Durability

As concrete ages under heavy loads such as on roads connecting bridges and freeways, it is not unusual to see the road physically warp or sink. Because roller compacted concrete is a relatively dryer mixture than regular concrete, it has less space between its aggregate and cement which usually contribute to rutting and softening over time. RCC is extremely durable, making deterioration from heavy loads or even high temperatures an atypical occurrence, and its use perfect for areas that see major traffic and hot weather. Additionally, hydraulic and fuel spills do not stain roller compacted concrete like they do with traditional concrete.

For construction companies looking for a durable and expedited concrete application, roller compacted concrete is a project manager’s ideal product. Razorback Concrete is proud to be the state’s first ready-mix concrete provider to offer roller compacted concrete for your next project. Request a free concrete quote for your next large scale project needs. If you have any questions, contact our team to learn more about how using roller compacted concrete can save money.

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