For All the Do-It-Yourself Weekend Warriors, Use Our Ready Mix Concrete Calculator for Better Planning

If you are planning a do-it-yourself project this spring, use Razorback Concrete’s free ready mix concrete calculator to measure the amount of concrete you will need before you get started.

[caption id="attachment_991" align="alignleft" width="300"DIY outdoor concrete project Photo courtesy of: The Landscaping Network[/caption””There may still be ice on the ground in our part of the country, but within a few weeks there will be flowers blooming, lawns to mow and outdoor projects to complete. If you’re like most homeowners, you look at spring as a time to get ready for outdoor entertaining season, and that often means new concrete patios or other DIY projects. For those not experienced with such projects, knowing how much concrete to order can be a concern. Fortunately, Razorback Concrete’s ready mix concrete calculator makes it easy to know just how much product you need for your job.

About Our Ready Mix Concrete Calculator

Our ready mix concrete calculator makes it easy to accurately judge how much concrete you’ll need for such projects as anchoring fence posts, pouring a patio, or creating walkways. To use the calculator, you just need to know the length, width and thickness of the finished project. You can learn more about using this tool by watching our online concrete calculator video tutorial.

Planning Your Concrete Project

Once you have determined how much concrete your project will require with the ready mix concrete calculator, it’s time to plan exactly how you want your finished project to look. You already have a rough idea about the dimensions, so now is the time to commit your ideas to paper and order the concrete. To be ready to pour when the concrete arrives, you should to prep the area in advance. That means clearing the area of any debris, outlining the perimeter for the concrete pour, and building the outlying frames.

Spring DIY Ready Mix Concrete Project Ideas

Patios aren’t the only spring project that you can build with ready-mix concrete. This versatile product can be used for a number of large and small indoor and outdoor do-it-yourself projects:

  • Fire pits. If you enjoy entertaining outdoors and can’t quite work an entire kitchen into your budget, you can do most of your cooking with an affordable, concrete fire pit. Designs vary, just like patios, and generally feature a concrete slab with a cast iron or wrought iron cooking device in the center. Once you’ve decided what size and shape pit you’re going to make, create a frame with wooden boards to hold the concrete as it sets.
  • Fence post footings. Concrete is the go-to material for anchoring fence posts and trellises. You don’t have to enclose your property with a six-foot fence. Even a few, well-placed fence panels can add interest and privacy to your yard. Dig the holes for the posts at least three to four-feet deep and place the posts. Then, pour the concrete around the posts.
  • Walkways. Concrete also makes a durable material for pathways to and from your house, your garage or your garden. For the look of stone without the natural stone price tag, you can stamp the concrete with a special, inexpensive tools to create lines and patterns that mimic natural stone. Like the fire pit, you’ll need to create a wooden frame for your walkway that will contain the concrete while it sets.

For these do-it-yourself projects and others, you will need a ready mix concrete provider with a quality product. Razorback Concrete is an Arkansas-based, regional manufacturer and supplier of ready-mix concrete and related products. Founded in 1965, our family-owned and managed company has been helping Arkansas homeowners with their concrete projects for several generations. After you have utilized our ready mix concrete calculator, request a free ready mix concrete quote for your spring project. If you have any questions, contact the ready mix concrete experts at Razorback Concrete or call 870-455-0700.

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