What Are The Benefits Of A Concrete Foundation?

Building a home is an exciting experience, but there’s a lot to consider. Many new home builders immediately find themselves overwhelmed with questions relating to things they know little about. One of the most common areas that new homebuilders find themselves wondering about is foundations. Today we’ll break it down and explain why every home builder should consider a concrete foundation.


There are two main types of concrete foundations : poured and block. Poured concrete is the best option for most homeowners because it’s more durable, stronger and requires less maintenance. 



A poured concrete foundation doesn’t require much maintenance after it’s set. Concrete is completely resistant to rot and decay. It’s also worth noting that a poured concrete foundation will last year’s longer than a block foundation. 



A poured concrete foundation is incredibly strong, that’s one of the main reasons so many homeowners choose it as the foundation for their dream home. Unlike other types of foundations, a poured concrete foundation doesn’t shift with the movement of the dirt that the house is built on top of. 



The protection that a poured concrete foundation provides extends beyond soil movement. A poured concrete foundation offers an increased level of water and fire protection than other types of foundations. This general resilience allows homeowners with concrete foundations to rest easy knowing their house is cared for. 



Not only is a poured concrete foundation effective, it’s affordable too. However, it is worth noting that a proper foundation is incredibly important and is a project that is usually best done by professionals. 


There are a lot of different foundations out there, and different ones work best for different situations. Take the time to do your research to decide what type of foundation is best for you. If you do find yourself interested in a concrete foundation, we encourage you to reach out to Razorback Concrete at www.razorbackconcrete.com



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