What Are The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Installing Concrete Themselves?

Concrete contractors deserve more credit. Yes, concrete is easy to work with, but achieving the perfect final product requires a professional touch. The truth is some concrete projects are worth doing yourself, while others would absolutely benefit from a professional’s touch. To help you decide what your project needs, we’re going to go over the top mistakes we see the average person make when installing concrete. 



When ordering concrete, it’s incredibly tempting to only order the precise amount you need for your project. After all, why would you want to pay for something you’re not going to use? Trust us, you’re going to need a little extra concrete. 


Even professionals have failed to create the correct concrete mixture on their first try, or were unable to pour the mixture in time. In those cases, you’ll be grateful that you have extra concrete on hand so you can continue your project. 


Type of Concrete

Many people don’t realize that there are actually many different types of concrete. Some are stronger than others. Some cure more quickly. Some offer a different texture. Take the time to do your research and figure out what mixture is right for your project. Don’t grab the first mixture you see, that could ensure that your project fails before you even begin. 


Support Structures

If you’re building something that is going to have to withstand large amounts of weight like a foundation or a driveway, you are going to have to give that concrete some additional support. This is traditionally done through gridded rebar, but there are many different methods out there. If this is done incorrectly your concrete could fail or crack. 


Using the Right Tools

The tools needed to successfully lay concrete are not complicated, but they are essential. Make sure you have all the tools you need on hand before you pour the concrete. Once that concrete has been poured you’re on the clock. Many a DIYer has found themselves upset because they didn’t finish their concrete project before it dried. 


Concrete is an incredibly versatile substance that can be successfully utilized by laymen and professionals alike. The trick is knowing when a professional’s touch is needed. To learn more, visit www.razorbackconcrete.com






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