What Is Acid Staining?

Concrete is as popular as ever amongst homeowners, and with good reason. A proper concrete contractor can utilize concrete to create beautiful patios, floors, sidewalks, driveways, and more. One of the most common methods is stamped concrete, but acid staining is becoming more popular amongst DIY enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at what acid staining is, and why every homeowner should consider utilizing this method for their decorative concrete projects. 


Stamped concrete is concrete that has been patterned or “stamped” to create an appealing visual effect. The acid staining method also gives concrete an appealing visual effect, but that effect is achieved not through stamping but by applying a chemical coating to the concrete surface. 


Most acid stains are created with a chemical stain mixture made up of hydrochloric acid, acid soluble metallic salts, and water. Once the mixture is applied to a concrete surface a chemical reaction occurs that changes the appearance of the concrete. 


What’s unique about acid staining is that the stain reacts differently across the concrete, so the resulting color isn’t solid, nor is the stain. The final product ends up with a weather effect that can resemble marble or slate. 

The final part of the acid staining process is to cover the concrete with a sealant. There are many different sealants out there that are suited for specific scenarios. If the concrete is outdoors, you’ll want a weather protecting sealant. Perhaps people will be walking on the concrete barefoot, then you’ll want a sealant that provides a gripping texture when it drives. Take the time to do your research and pick the sealant that is best for your project. 

Concrete is one of the most versatile and reliable building blocks out there. Whether you want stamped concrete, normal concrete or acid-stained concrete you’ll be sure you can use concrete to create the aesthetic you want if you work with a proper contractor. To learn more, visit www.razorbackconcrete.com.




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