Pro Tip: What Makes One Ready Mix Concrete Provider’s Product ‘Superior’ to Others?

As an Arkansas superior ready mix concrete provider, the pros at Razorback Concrete understand what creates a quality product.

super ready mix concrete product””The key to any successful concrete project is a quality product, and at Razorback Concrete, it is our top priority. Ready mix concrete in particular is a very versatile material that works well in a variety of both commercial and residential projects. Our industry has standard grades and requirements for ready mix concrete that providers across the state must meet, but certain qualities create a superior product.

Facts About Concrete You Should Know:
  • Concrete is composed by a mixture of water, cement, and aggregate made from sand gravel and crushed stone particles.
  • The size of your coarse aggregate varies. These sizes added to the cement can increase the concrete strength and durability.
  • The slump value, a measure of the product’s flow and consistency, increases and decreases with the amount of water added.
Superior Source Materials

The quality of the final ready mix concrete product starts with the source material for the aggregate. Within one quarry site, there are areas of higher and lower quality aggregate, and well-graded aggregate has a gradation of both fine and coarse particles which hold up together over time. Sandstone absorbs too much water, so a harder gravel is the better choice. The gravel used should be thoroughly washed to remove any dust or clay that may have accumulated which can reduce bonding in the mix.

Proportionality of Mixture

The ingredients of the mixture (the paste, created by water and cement, and the aggregate) should be carefully proportioned in order to create the desired strength and durability without cracking or shrinkage once hardened. Each element has its limits in the ratio, as too much water in the paste doesn’t allow for binding to the aggregate particles and too much aggregate doesn’t create a flowing, workable mixture.

Some mixtures may rely too heavily on the adage that portland cement (used to create aggregate) alone can produce quality results, but other materials such as fly ash or slag can be used as an additional binding agent. Fly ash, a byproduct of coal burning plants, and slag, a byproduct of iron and steel manufacturing, both increase the permeability of the final, hardened ready mix concrete product.

Quality Control

As a ready mix concrete provider, Razorback Concrete has a strict in-house quality control program that manages the product quality throughout the manufacturing process. Ready mix concrete in itself is of a higher quality than concrete products mixed on site, so every provider should monitor and test the materials during sourcing, mixing, and delivery. At the jobsite, the delivered concrete should be inspected to insure the quality of the mix.

We aim to be the Arkansas superior ready mix concrete provider you choose to make your projects successful. Contact Razorback Concrete online for more information or request a free quote for your ready mix concrete project today.

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