What Warning Signs Do I Need To Lookout For With A Concrete Foundation?

One of the most essential components of any home is its foundation. The majority of foundations found in the U.S. today are made of concrete. Concrete is the perfect material for a foundation because of its cost, versatility and durability. However, damage can still happen and the earlier you can identify a problem, the easier it will be to fix. These are the early warning signs to look out for in concrete foundations. 


Drywall Cracks

Large cracks in drywall are one of the most common indicators that there is a foundation settlement issue. Some cracking around joints, seams and corners is normal. However, large cracks are not and are usually a sign of major foundation settlement. Depending on the extent of the settlement, this can be a major problem. As soon as you find big cracks in your drywall, have your foundation assessed. It could save you thousands of dollars down the line to address this issue early. 


Uneven Floors

When foundation settlement has occurred it usually causes floors and countertops to become uneven. That’s because foundations never settle equally, as parts of the foundation settle it will leave other parts of the foundation uneven. The result is often uneven floors and countertops. This can be difficult to see, so if you notice round items start rolling where they didn’t before, you know you have a problem. 


Concrete Slab Deformities

If you notice cracks in the actual slab of concrete around your house you probably have some sort of foundation issue. Large cracks in concrete walls and flooring are one of the earliest warning signs that foundation settlement has occurred. If you can catch this problem quickly, you can repair it before it becomes a seriously expensive issue. 



Take the time to step away from your house and look at your ridgeline. If the horizontal plane of your roof is uneven in any way, something is afoot. This is a great early warning sign that you should have your foundation inspected. Unfortunately, this almost always results in both foundation and roof repair. 


Foundation issues are scary, but they compound quickly if ignored. The best thing a responsible homeowner can do is look out for warning signs and act on them quickly. Remember, a foundation repair can be quick and easy or major and expensive. The earlier you can identify and remedy an issue, the better of you’ll be. 


Of course, it never hurts to consult with a professional. Visit www.razorbackconcrete.com to learn more. 



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