What You Should Know About Ready Mix Concrete vs. Other Building Materials

All about ready mix concrete and the significant advantages it has over other building material alternatives despite its relative affordability.

about ready mix concrete vs. alternatives””When you plan a construction project, you have a variety of building materials to choose from. Ready mix concrete is one of the most versatile materials available. It is appropriate for any size project from small residential driveways to expansive commercial parking lots and reinforced buildings. One of the most appealing things about ready mix concrete is that it offers significant advantages over other building material alternatives despite its relative affordability. 

Safer and Stronger than Steel
When building with concrete, you won’t need additional fireproofing treatments to meet fire codes. While structural steel can melt or soften, concrete can endure extreme temperatures for longer periods without losing structural integrity. A concrete structure is less likely to collapse during a fire. It safely bears more weight than steel. It also resists impact and explosion and can withstand winds of 200 miles per hour. Because steel is not as stable as concrete, insurance costs may be higher. When compared to steel, concrete can potentially cut construction time in half.

More Reliable than Wood
Unlike wood, ready mix concrete is not vulnerable to termites. It does not require the application of toxic preservatives, flame retardants, pesticides and other treatments. You do not have to worry about ready mix concrete leaching these chemicals into the interior of a home or building. Over time, exposure to moisture damages wood; this can cause it to shift, warp, decay and rot. Overall, concrete is less likely to require expensive repairs.

Concrete vs. Brick and Stone
While brick offers a classic look for driveways and other projects, it is a far more expensive material and demands more time and labor. Ready mix concrete offers more versatility without the enormous price tag, and it creates a smooth, uniform appearance and texture that is safer for commercial applications where people will be walking on its surface. Stone is heavy and durable, but pieces are often uneven, and stone surfaces have stress limitations. Because of increased material, labor and transport cost, stone may not be a practical choice for large projects.

What Else Do Home and Business Owners Need to Know About Ready Mix Concrete?

  • Ready mix concrete is a higher quality product than concrete mixed on-site.
  • Using ready mix concrete saves storage space and manpower, and it reduces unnecessary waste at the work site
  • Without the limitations imposed by other materials, concrete can be poured into virtually any shape or form imaginable.
  • Concrete is made from natural substances.
  • Choosing a ready mix product eliminates mixing errors and minimizes concrete-related safety hazards such as dust inhalation.

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