When Does A Concrete Driveway Need To Be Replaced?

Concrete driveways are incredibly popular for a reason. They are inexpensive, effective and remarkably durable. Unfortunately, even concrete driveways don’t last forever. So, when does a concrete driveway need to be replaced? Let’s take a closer look at three scenarios that usually indicate it’s time to replace a concrete driveway.

Standing Water

Water is one of the biggest enemies of concrete. When it gets into the wrong places, it can cause major damage. Standing water will lead to cracks and potholes that can damage the integrity of the driveway. If standing water is remedied quickly enough, it can extend the life of the driveway substantially. 

Major Cracks

Cracks in concrete don’t just look bad, they significantly weaken the strength of the concrete which can lead to huge potholes if left unfixed. A small crack is usually a pretty easy fix if addressed quickly. If it’s not fixed, a small crack will let in moisture and debris and grow overtime until it turns into irreparable damage. By addressing cracks and small potholes quickly, a concrete driveway can last for decades. 


Potholes damage vehicles and they can completely compromise a driveway if they become too big. Fortunately, filling a pothole isn’t that difficult. Homeowners should address potholes as quickly as possible to avoid them from evolving into an irreparable issue. 


Concrete doesn’t last forever. While a concrete driveway can last for decades if properly maintained, the general consensus is that it should be replaced every 30 years. At that point the integrity of the concrete is compromised to the point that it will eventually fail. It’s best to address the issue and replace the concrete after 30 years. 

Concrete is the perfect material for the average driveway. It can easily withstand the weight of multiple vehicles, can be modified to fit any aesthetic and can last for 30 years when properly cared for. As long as homeowners keep an eye out for standing water, major cracks and potholes there is no reason that they can’t expect to enjoy their driveways for decades. 



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