When is the Best Time to Install Concrete?

Whether you’re building a concrete driveway, a patio or perhaps even an entire building foundation, it’s important to consider weather when deciding when to actually pour the concrete. Since concrete starts as a mixture then cures, the weather and environment in which the concrete is poured can drastically affect the quality of the final product. So, when is the best time to install concrete? Let’s take a closer look. 

The best time of year to pour concrete varies depending on the location of the project. There are two main factors that need to be accounted for: temperature and precipitation. A warmer temperature is ideal because it helps the concrete mixture to dry out and set. If the concrete is not given the proper amount of time to set, or cure as this process is often referred to, its integrity can become compromised. 

What is the ideal temperature for setting concrete? A temperate climate, like the one usually found in early fall is ideal for laying concrete. If the temperature is too hot, the surface of the concrete will set too quickly. If it’s too cold the water in the concrete mixture will freeze which causes cracks. A moderate temperature will give concrete the time it needs to set evenly, and without cracks. 

Of course, it is important to note that while there are ideal conditions for laying concrete, it can be laid in any environment with the right tools and know-how. Concrete can be laid in the middle of winter by using heating fans and plastic coverings. Concrete can even be laid in the rain if it’s properly covered. 

If the opportunity is available, anyone laying concrete should wait for the ideal weather window to complete their project. If there is a timeline in play that doesn’t make that possible, it’s usually a good bet to turn to a professional concrete contractor. 

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