Which is Better: Concrete or Cement?


One of the most common misconceptions about concrete is that it’s the same thing as cement. The truth is, concrete and cement are not the same thing. However, there is cement in concrete. An effective analogy to think about when conceptualizing this is that cement is to concrete as milk is to ice cream. They’re different, but connected. 


Upon understanding that there is a difference between concrete and cement, the next question that naturally follows is which is stronger. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the main differences between cement and concrete and answer the age old question: which is stronger. 


We’ll cut straight to the chase: concrete is far more durable than cement. There are no two ways about it. Cement is far less durable than concrete and does not stand up well to the elements. That’s why cement is often used for smaller indoor jobs, while concrete is often used to create entire buildings. 


Cement is made up of silica and calcium-rich materials, which is what makes it such a good binding agent. Cement is often used for grouting and masonry. Unfortunately, while cement is a great binding agent it’s also prone to cracking. That means it won’t last that long, especially if it’s outside. 


Cement is just cement, there aren’t really different types of it though there are many different brands that make it. However, there are too many types of concrete out there to even name. That’s because concrete is a mixture of different ingredients, so you can personalize the mixture to your specific needs. 


Concrete is made up of cement, water and other aggregates like rocks and sand. When all that is mixed together it becomes concrete. 


Since there are so many types of concrete out there it’s incredibly important to do your research before deciding which mixture you are going to use for your job. The wrong mix might end up weaker than it should be and could have a shorter lifespan than even cement. 

If you are worried about choosing the right mixture, or can’t decide between using cement or concrete, we suggest consulting with a professional! Razorback Concrete is always ready to help and answer any questions you may have. Visit www.razorbackconcrete.com to learn more.

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