Why Those in The Know Use Razorback Concrete

razorback concrete ready mix concrete company””As you plan your next concrete project, your concrete provider should be a major consideration. The quality of concrete used is often just as important as what you want to do with it. A top ready mix concrete company will generally have a higher caliber product; additionally, these businesses offer better service and greater selection. You likely will want to choose the company that is already known as a qualified authority in the concrete industry, which Razorback Concrete, a leading ready mix concrete company, is.

Razorback Concrete is established.

Razorback Concrete was first established in 1965 by the late W.K. Ingram and his son, Kent. They began their ready mix concrete company with a single plant and six mixer trucks. They have since grown to be one of Arkansas’ biggest ready mix suppliers with a fleet of over 100 trucks and 18 plants serving the region as a leader in concrete technology. Kent and his brother, Arkansas Senator Keith Ingram who is Razorback Concrete’s vice president, have set very high standards of safety and quality in their company making Razorback a recognized industry leader.

Innovation is a priority.

Razorback Concrete has a reputation as a concrete technology innovator. One of the first to use computer batching systems, GPS delivery systems, and central mixing facilities, Razorback continually seeks new ways to better serve their customers. Razorback has also become known for innovation when it comes to the newest in installation techniques and new products; those in the know look to them for the latest and greatest in concrete.

Anything less than the best is unacceptable.

Part of the company’s initial success was largely attributed to the company’s commitment to quality. This has been a constant for Razorback since day one. Every team member understands the company’s high standards, and strives to meet and exceed them knowing that anything less is unacceptable. Razorback Concrete’s exacting quality standards include an ongoing quality control program and ACI-certified grade 1 field testing at all locations.

Razorback has an extensive product selection.

Razorback Concrete offers a wide range of ready mix concrete products to meet almost any concrete need. This includes ready mix, colored concrete, roller-compacted concrete, gravel, and much more. Of course, all Razorback ready mix products come with on-time delivery, high quality, and technical support, making them an even better value.

The plants are conveniently located.

While Razorback’s beginnings were humble, there are now 16 locations and 18 plants in Eastern Arkansas, Central Arkansas, and the bootheel of Missouri. With so many conveniently located plants, each with mixing trucks for delivery, Razorback services a region that includes Arkansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

Customer service is top notch.

Service is part of why this ready mix concrete company is favored by those in the know about their concrete needs. Even before delivery is made, Razorback works with every customer to ensure that needs, such as mix specifications and delivery dates, are understood.

There is more to love about Razorback.

Professionals in the area keep going back to Razorback Concrete for good reason. If you have an upcoming project, you might want to learn more about what we have to offer. Contact us today for a free quote so you can experience what this premier Arkansas concrete company has to offer.

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