Will It Save Me Money If I Tear Out My Own Concrete?

A lot of homeowners find themselves hiring a concrete contractor for their more ambitious projects. Often, these projects revolve around updating an outdated piece of existing contract–often that’s a driveway or a patio. One of the most common questions those homeowners have, is if it will save them money if they tear out the existing concrete themselves. This blog post is designed to answer that question once and for all. 


In short, yes it will save you money if you tear out the existing concrete first and only require your contractor to pour and shape the new concrete surfaces. However, these monetary savings come at a cost. The primary cost being your time. 

Tearing concrete out is not just time consuming, it’s difficult and often requires specialized tools. Yes, you can use a chisel and a sledgehammer, but it’s going to take an incredible amount of time to complete the task correctly with those tools. Concrete contractors come with heavy machinery that can knock out what would take you an entire weekend in just a few hours. 


Since contractors can accomplish concrete removal quickly and with relative ease, they rarely charge much for it. So while it will technically save you money to remove concrete yourself, it won’t save you much.


It is also worth pointing out that the old concrete will still have to be disposed of. So if you remove it yourself, consider that you’ll have to load that concrete into a vehicle, and pay to have it disposed of at a dump somewhere. Most concrete contractors include transportation and disposal as part of their removal fees. 


In summary, be sure to consider the larger picture when deciding if you want to remove concrete yourself. Yes, it will save you money but is that amount of money worth the time and effort required to do the work yourself? That’s a question each homeowner will have to answer for themselves. 


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