Ideal Commercial Applications and Uses for Pervious Concrete

Utilizing pervious concrete in commercial development projects promotes environmental sustainability while protecting surrounding areas.

commercial applications of pervious concrete

Photo courtesy of: MSU Infrastructure Planning and Facilities

The construction industry is at the forefront of innovation geared toward developing environmentally friendly structures and common areas. With water conservation being one of the most important global issues, strategies to reduce water waste and capture runoff are some of the preferred alternatives. These initiatives include commercial applications of pervious concrete as paving material whenever it is suitable.

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Reinvest in One of Your Most Valuable Assets, Your Home, With the Help of a Trusted Arkansas Concrete Company

Home improvements and modifications help you both get more enjoyment out of your home, and ultimately increase its value.

concrete upgrade

Concrete is an innovative and versatile product, making it an excellent resource to use when looking to increase your home’s value whether you plan on living there for decades, or if you are considering selling in the near future. Because concrete can be applied and finished in a variety of shapes and styles for an endless list of functions, you can utilize it in projects that add to the utility and design of your home.

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For All the Do-It-Yourself Weekend Warriors, Use Our Ready Mix Concrete Calculator for Better Planning

If you are planning a do-it-yourself project this spring, use Razorback Concrete’s free ready mix concrete calculator to measure the amount of concrete you will need before you get started.

DIY outdoor concrete project

Photo courtesy of: The Landscaping Network

There may still be ice on the ground in our part of the country, but within a few weeks there will be flowers blooming, lawns to mow and outdoor projects to complete. If you’re like most homeowners, you look at spring as a time to get ready for outdoor entertaining season, and that often means new concrete patios or other DIY projects. For those not experienced with such projects, knowing how much concrete to order can be a concern. Fortunately, Razorback Concrete’s ready mix concrete calculator makes it easy to know just how much product you need for your job.

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