Our Guide to Choosing the Best Concrete Product for Your Home Project

Do you need concrete for a new home improvement project? You have many options, but the right one will work to enhance the strength and beauty of the final product.

what kind of concrete to use for a home projectIn order to be successful with any home improvement project, you need to have the right tools and most importantly, the right materials. For projects involving concrete, using an inferior or incorrect concrete product will not give you the right results. You need to know what kind of concrete to use for a home project. Ready mix concrete comes in a variety of strengths and compositions that are geared toward different types of uses, both inside and outside your home.

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The Core Differences Between Commercial Concrete Projects & Structural or Industrial Concrete Projects

When undertaking a new construction project, there are choices to make. But whether your project is commercial, industrial, or structural, you can trust Razorback Concrete as a concrete provider to protect your building’s integrity.

concrete provider for commercial projectsTechnological advancements have made concrete stronger and more reliable than anyone might have dreamed of even 50 years ago. Major constructions efforts today now benefit from these improvements across commercial, structural, and industrial concrete projects. Each project type has its own specifications, which is why Razorback Concrete Company, as a top Arkansas concrete provider for commercial projects, focuses on producing and delivering the right type of concrete to your construction site. We understand the differing needs between commercial concrete projects versus structural or industrial projects, and we are equipped to handle all of them.

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Major Project Announcement: Razorback Concrete to Supply Materials for Big River Steel Mill

The Osceola mill project will improve the Arkansas job market and showcase the quality of Razorback Concrete’s materials.

concrete supplier for big river steel millBig River Steel initially announced their plans to build a $1.3 billion steel mill in Osceola, Arkansas, on January 29, 2013. A project of this magnitude requires the full cooperation of local officials and qualified suppliers such as Razorback Concrete, and construction officially broke ground on September 22, 2014. This is a huge win for Arkansas because approximately 2,000 workers will be employed throughout the 20 month construction process, and the steel mill and recycling facility will also need 525 permanent employees.

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