The Life Expectancy of Your Concrete Driveway in Arkansas

You can keep your concrete driveway in Arkansas in great condition for many years by performing regular maintenance and repairs.

Keep your concrete driveway in Arkansas in great shape throughout its lifespan.Concrete is by far the top material of choice for driveways in Arkansas. Since this region has very few freeze-thaw cycles, and little use for de-icing agents, concrete tends to hold up very well over the years. High temperatures in the summer can pose a problem, however, especially if your concrete driveway sits fully exposed to the sunlight.  Arkansas’ high humidity and wind speed has the potential to complicate concrete pouring and curing, so great care must be taken when constructing your concrete driveway to prevent potential problems in the future. Regular concrete driveway repair can help your driveway exceed its life expectancy.

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Think You Know Your Concrete? Test Your Knowledge With Our Quiz!

Do you know everything there is to know about concrete properties and safety procedures? Take this quiz to prove it!

How well do you know the properties of concrete? Test yourself with this concrete safety quiz from Razorback Concrete!Concrete is much more than a bunch of rocks held together with a binding agent. Hydrating and mixing the concrete jumpstarts a chain of chemical reactions that permanently bind and harden the materials. Proper use of this innovative material requires the intimate knowledge of its properties and safety precautions. Challenge yourself to complete the following concrete safety quiz to see if you are ready to start your next project.

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From Beginning to End: The 5 Phases of Concrete Construction Projects

Performing these steps in an orderly, timely fashion will provide the best results for your  next concrete construction project.

Make sure you follow these correct protocol for these building construction phases.Concrete installations require that you pay close attention to detail while planning each phase of the project. Your installation team must work quickly and efficiently to create a strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing structure. Any deviations from the required steps can impede the shaping and curing process, resulting in a weakened structure. By carefully preparing the construction site, you ensure the poured concrete behaves as expected to create the final product you have envisioned. Here are the five building construction phases you need to follow to successfully complete your next concrete project.

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