5 Ways That Concrete Is Shaping Our Future

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The future of concrete technology is shaping America’s future with innovation across a surprising range of industries.

Concrete is used for construction across hundreds of industries. A versatile and durable material, concrete is used to build everything from parking lots and interstates to flooring and pre-fabricated housing. The future of concrete technology means advancement in important fields such as medicine, sustainability, and construction.

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Razorback Concrete Celebrates 50th Anniversary!

Razorback Concrete Celebrates 50th Anniversary

West Memphis, Arkansas: Razorback Concrete was founded in 1965 by the late W.K. Ingram and his son, Kent Ingram. They started with a single ready-mix plant and six Mack concrete-mixer trucks. Now, 50 years later, Razorback Concrete has 19 concrete plants in 16 locations all over Arkansas, with over 100 Mack mixer trucks.

It has been a successful 50 years, and Razorback Concrete says it looks forward to serving its community for 50 more. “As we look back over the arch of Razorback Concrete’s career, I’m struck by how much we owe to our employees, our customers, and our friends. We would not have succeeded over these last 50 years without them,” says General Manager, Keith Wetsell.

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Building With Concrete Is Green! The Surprising Statistics

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When it comes to green building, concrete is paving the way. Versatile and sustainable concrete can cut your energy bills, filter road pollution, and is 100% recyclable.

Modern engineering and construction technology have improved the traditional standard of concrete as a building material. Concrete is one of the most efficient and eco-friendly building materials available for construction projects. It can be made from 100% recycled resources, maintains its use and structure over time, and is wholly reusable after its initial purpose is finished.

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