Taking the Dive: Fiberglass vs. Concrete In-Ground Pools

You will need to factor in the time and cost that go into installation and maintenance – both now and in the future – when deciding between fiberglass vs concrete in-ground pools.

fiberglass vs concrete in-ground poolsA swimming pool is an investment that you want to get  right the first time. You want the best location, design, and materials so your pool provides relaxation and enjoyment for many years to come. Taking into account how much money and time you want to spend, not only on the installation but throughout the life of the pool, will give you a clear choice when considering fiberglass vs concrete inground pools.

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Arkansas Construction Hall of Fame Announced

Arkansas Construction Hall of Fame, Kent Ingram

Geraci, Ingram, McFadden and Penix to be inducted;
Roberts and Meyer receive first time awards

AGC Arkansas, in partnership with ACEC Arkansas, AIA and the ASPE, announces the inductees of the Arkansas Construction Hall of Fame.  Forty-one individuals have been honored since its inception in 1999.  On April 28, four more individuals will join the rankings of the industry’s best: Richard Geraci, P.E., FACEC of Brown Engineers, LLC., W. Kent Ingram, Jr. of Razorback Concrete Company, Bruce McFadden of ICM and Charley Penix, AIA, of Cromwell Architects Engineers.

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How to Care for Concrete in Hot Weather

hot weather concreting, curing concrete

Freshly poured concrete often responds negatively to high temperatures, especially in the absence of ideal humidity and wind conditions. You can prepare for these circumstances before starting your next project by learning more about the effects of hot weather concreting.

Before hot weather arrives, you need to start thinking about how high temperatures can affect both freshly poured concrete and the curing process. As temperatures rise above 90 degrees, you may notice a dramatic difference during mixing, setting, finishing, and curing.

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