Why You Should Construct a New Parking Lot with Concrete, Not Asphalt

Several factors make concrete the superior choice over asphalt for your next parking lot installation project.

concrete parking lotAs concrete producers and suppliers, we at Razorback Concrete understand your need for an affordable and durable material that creates an effective end product. Most parking lots are made of either concrete or asphalt with varying results. While many business owners and developers rely on asphalt in construction today, there are so many more reasons why a concrete parking lot is the better choice.

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How to Protect Your Driveway from the Effects of Frost, Ice, and Snow

During the winter, your driveway suffers the abuse of ice, frost and snow. These elements can damage your driveway, requiring you to repair it or replace it in the spring.

how to protect driveway from winter weatherWhen you understand how to protect your driveway from winter weather, you can prevent nature from wreaking so much havoc this season. It’s important to take preventative measures when dealing with winter weather, because once the damage starts it can be too late and could prove too costly to repair.

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Common Concrete Problems: What Causes Them and How You Can Fix Them

Anticipating and preventing concrete problems and knowing how to fix damaged concrete save time, energy, and money in the long run.

how to fix damaged concrete
‘Concrete disasters’ can be a relative term. If you are a homeowner, a pouring mistake or uneven curing is not a highly detrimental problem. However, if something during a bigger job goes wrong, anything from the subgrade being improperly prepared to a cold snap moving in during the curing process, then worse things can happen. A true concrete disaster could include injuries, lawsuits, property damage, contract breaches, and expensive repairs.

It helps to prepare as much as possible, including being familiar with the concrete product you are working with and the soil conditions where the work is taking place.

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