Spring Into Action: It’s Time to Repair Winter Concrete Damage

concrete crack repair, winter concrete damage

As you begin spring cleaning projects, you may find extensive damage across the surface of your concrete structures. You can restore the winter concrete damage and help prevent future incidents with a few key techniques. 

Despite its durability, concrete remains susceptible to damage from winter weather conditions. Snow and ice can cause concrete to chip and crack in a relatively short period of time. Even your efforts to minimize winter concrete damage by chemically clearing snow and ice can have a negative effect.

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8 Shockingly Beautiful Concrete Homes

concrete homes, concrete architecture

Architects recently started to embrace the versatility and beauty of concrete materials for residential homes. Here are eight residential concrete creations worthy of a second look.

Innovative modern home designs showcase geometric shapes that require the malleable characteristics of concrete building materials. Architects have stepped beyond using concrete for foundations, pathways and decorative structures. The home designers of today recognize concrete as a material that can be used to create the entire residential structure from the foundation to the roof.

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The Rule of 6’s: The Secret to Perfect Concrete

concrete mix ratio, how to make concrete

The rule of 6’s creates the perfect mixture for concrete success. Utilizing this formula has proven to work for all different concrete types, as well as a wide range of construction and renovation projects.

Mixing concrete is as much an art as it is a science. Knowing the basics of how to make concrete is one thing, but understanding the secret to perfect concrete is another matter altogether. Once you have learned how to create the perfect concrete mix ratio—thanks to the rule of 6’s—you can implement that knowledge with all your construction and renovation projects.

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