3 Pervious Concrete Projects that Will Blow Your Mind!

uses of pervious concrete, pervious concrete

Pervious concrete is the most porous type of concrete. The air pockets introduced to the concrete allow water to pass right through it, thus reducing runoff as well as standing water.

Pervious concrete is most often used as pavement in heavily trafficked or moist areas because it allows rainwater to reach the ground and be re-absorbed. Pervious concrete is not a new technology—it has been used in Florida and other southern states since the 1970s. The original uses of pervious concrete included fighting erosion and flooding and controlling water run-off.

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How To Winterize Your Concrete Surfaces

how to winterize concrete surfaces, winterizing concrete

Winter can be especially tough on your driveway and other concrete surfaces. Snow and ice—as well as salt and de-icers—can wreak havoc on concrete surfaces.

It is important to learn how to winterize your concrete surfaces ahead of winter’s eminent chill to avoid expensive and time-consuming repairs. You should plan on winterizing your concrete surfaces annually to maximize their lifespans and limit the hours you spend on maintenance. Concrete surfaces that are heavily trafficked—like concrete driveways and garage floors—require the most special attention.

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How to Pick the Right Gravel for Your Driveway Renovation

how to pick the right gravel, gravel delivery in Arkansas, gravel driveways

When properly constructed, gravel driveways can be less expensive and last longer than other driveway materials. However, you must choose your gravel wisely to ensure maximum lifespan and performance.

If you are considering a gravel driveway renovation, you will need to pick the right gravel for your environment to ensure that your driveway performs well. A professional gravel provider can help you choose the right gravel, and most also offer gravel delivery to your home.

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