Our Predictions: The Future of Commercial Concrete

When most people imagine technological advances, they do not picture concrete. As a building material prized for being solid and unmovable, concrete is not something one would expect to change, whether technologically or in any other sense.

Enviromental benefits of pervious concreteAs counterintuitive as it sounds, some of the most revolutionary developments of the modern world involve this building material. Construction companies and their suppliers have recently made a number of critical breakthroughs in their efforts to develop stronger, more versatile, and more sustainable concrete.

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Discover the Environmental Benefits of Pervious Concrete

From reducing waste to filtering out pollution to combating the urban heat island effect, the commercial use of pervious concrete offers an array of benefits to builders seeking greater sustainability.

Enviromental benefits of pervious concreteHow Can Pervious Concrete Help the Environment? As public concern grows over pollution, water waste, and other threats to the environment, modern businesses face growing pressure to become more sustainable. Nowhere is this pressure greater than in construction. Builders have the potential to dramatically alter the local environment, making it essential for them to choose materials that have as little negative impact as possible. Pervious concrete passes this test with flying colors.

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Decorating DIY: How to Stain Concrete Surfaces

Acid and water staining techniques may easily be used to drastically improve the appearance of existing concrete floors.

How to Stain Concrete SurfacesStained concrete offers the look and strength of exquisite flooring materials such as marble and granite, without the high installation costs and upkeep requirements which they impose. Both old and new concrete floor installations respond beautifully to water or acid based staining treatments. You can immediately improve the appearance of your Arkansas home by performing the staining process on your concrete floors. Now, what do you need to begin your project of staining concrete floors?

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